28 September 2021

Stevie (49): Younger boys, feeling desired and finding true love

Pure Team

The stories you share with us from every corner of the globe are delightful, as each one is equally unique and captivating. Today’s story is coming from Stevie, based in Michigan, USA. Wanna tell us about your Pure adventures too? We would be thrilled to have a conversation with you, send us an email at [email protected]

“Mom, the MILF life is a thing. You gotta go for it.”

I've been using Pure since February. I'm 49, and online dating for me has been awful - I hated it! I've been divorced for 13 years, did some dating in the meantime, but it never worked out. I met someone through Facebook and it ended really badly. So then I quit for a very long time. I remember telling my friend: “next time I date, I need that person to just fall out of the sky”. 

And then I stumbled across Pure. This is where I've actually made friends with a lot of guys. And it's really funny because they all seem to be a lot younger than I am. I've got teenage daughters, and they're all like, “Mom, the MILF life is a thing. you gotta go for it.” 

There was once this guy I met on Pure - we had talked for a while. And then finally I asked him how old he was. 23! So I'm like, “I've got a daughter who's going to be 19 - you should be dating her.” And he goes, “I'm not interested in her. I want a mature woman who knows what she wants.”

So we met up. He looked just like Shia LaBeouf - but much better looking. He lived by a chain of lakes and parks I grew up at. And he's like, “do you wanna go for a walk?” We went to sit by the beach and he says, “gosh, I want to kiss you. I want to touch you. Will you be my summer fling?” And I’m like, I haven't had a summer fling since I was in college! This is crazy. But I gave in, and he kissed me.

I was hesitant about this whole thing, so I reached out to my friend Taylor for advice. She said to me: “go for it, girlfriend, when in your life are you going to be with a 23-year-old? Who wants you for you, doesn't want any strings and you run the game?” 

Pure. Let loose.

Pure is an app where classic rules for dating don’t apply. On Pure, you create your own rules.

Seizing the opportunity 

I called him to say that I would like to hang out again. He asked “Will you come over? I get off work at 8 o'clock.” And so I did. I remember the day very vividly: it’s right after Memorial Day, and it's hot as hell. He had this little apartment with barely any furniture: his bed and TV were on the floor! He was playing video games when I got there. “What would you like to do? I've never done anything” - he goes. And I'm like, “Okay, what do you mean?” He's like, “I want to try everything.” I was like, alright, I'm all for that, but you're gonna do it the way I want to do it.

So he goes, “seriously, whatever you want. You are the boss here. I don't care. This is going to be so much fun.” 

I grabbed a bottle of lube, a bottle of whipped cream, and a bottle of wine - and we had an amazing time. 

When I was 23 or 24 I thought, damn, sex is great. But with maturity, after having kids, comes fabulous sex. It’s so much better being with somebody who is younger and has the stamina and desire to please you in many different ways. I was like, this could not get any better. And the fact that he was excited and wanted to try and listen, the fact that I could finish multiple times made it that much more exciting! He was just super ready to please me and try things. 

He left the state last month for an internship. And he lived on the west side of Michigan, was over here near Detroit to get some experience. And he's like, “Can I hit you up again?” And I wanted to say yes, but my heart was telling me no because he needs to find a girlfriend. I said to him: the one thing you can do after all of this, is take what we did, the experience, and do it. And he's like, “the last time we got together you taught me a lot about respect and making sure that I'm safe. I haven't had sex in a year because of COVID, finishing up college, and doing things from home”. 

I know I’m desirable

Pure is like the perfect app. I don't know why, but it’s so much fun. It’s totally different from every other dating app. At first, I was like, this is different! This kind of openness is nothing new to me - I was that one person at 14 reading about my body and sexuality. I taught sex education in college. I’m even open with my daughters about it. But then to find it and have it fit in so many different ways, and to know that I'm still desirable despite being divorced and all these things - it's perfect! I was quite blown away. 

It’s serious

To meet somebody who actually wants a relationship on Pure was bizarre because I didn’t think that was possible here. We’ve been talking for a month or so and taking it really slow. It was one of those instant connections. He messaged me, and I didn't know what to think. He works for a global company with headquarters in Detroit. 

And I'm like, wow, I knew I wanted that. But I didn't think I would find it on Pure.

I was waiting for it to happen differently, you know, bumping into somebody with a shopping cart or something. He told me he liked my ad photo - a picture of sunflowers with a butterfly on it. I thought I had my own photos there, but for some reason, he could only see that one. I thought to myself: you know what, maybe it’s for the best! After hearing stories like “oh, I saw my friend’s mom on the app” - maybe the butterfly on them is a better option. We still joke about the picture to this day. We’ve been very PG13, so the other night I asked him “do you want a picture of something?”. And he's like, “No, I'm a gentleman”. And I'm asking, “not even a bra picture?” He says, “Well, I'm not opposed to that.” 

Our phones can't do video because I have an iPhone and he’s got an Android, so we use Pure for our video chats. And we talk for hours. He's a musician, so he will serenade me with music, and it's just amazing. But the app is still intricate in our relationship.

PURE is…

The coolest thing about Pure is… 

the ease of things, if I want to interact I can if not that’s fine too.

In a potential partner, you are most attracted to…

personality. There has to be a click and then we can go from there. Oh and definitely not short.

The most unusual topic you discussed with someone on Pure? 

It’s funny because everything is safe to talk about. Kids, aging parents? Weather, jobs and cars a little bit of everything.

 What’s something you’ve never tried and won’t try?

Never been with another girl and the thought doesn’t do much for me. I once kissed a girl and meh, no sparks.

What are some fantasies you’ve managed to fulfill with someone from Pure?

Well I can say I did the Cougar thing! I don’t feel guilty or anything like that it was super fun!

Something you’ll never tell someone when getting to know them online? 

That I don’t remember how many men I been with?!

A piece of advice for someone who just downloaded the app?

Have fun! Chat with people and keep it Pure!

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