Getting Ready for Vacation Romance

Getting Ready for Vacation Romance

Is summer sex the best sex? Although there are many heated discussions about it in science, many think July is the best time for having sex. '"How crazy" some may think. It's sticky, sweaty, and exhausting. But, experts say that the sun can increase our sex drive and the Vitamin D we are getting can intensify our orgasms. Well, you can't argue with science. In winter, you’d be taking your supplements, but in summer all you need is just to stay outdoors.

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Having sex in winter is a whole different story. You have as many layers as an onion, and by the time you've taken off your hat, sweater, and 2 layers of thermal underwear, your partner may have fallen asleep. Needless to say, some of these items aren't particularly fashionable or alluring, and some people opt to grow an extra layer of hair to keep warm. You definitely need to work extra hard to keep that sparkle in your relationship. Now, this shouldn't stop you from having sex — after all, it's 2021, and if you don't love yourself in every shape and form, you're doing it wrong. But it's obvious that it's much easier to have sex in the summer — you're already half-naked most of the time. The mood is better than, say, December, because at least you get some sun, it's warm, everything is blooming, the birds are chirping. And you get enough vitamin D, which you so desperately need. And you can have a summer to remember.

Another reason for the high sexual activity is because July is traditionally the most popular vacation month. Planning to visit old European towns? Hit the beach? Why not have it all! The weather in June may still be a little strange, but the mid-summer sun is guaranteed. It's the vacation we're all looking forward to, where we can finally unwind and let ourselves live a little. Haven't we all dreamt about having a fun vacation romance? Come on!

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Is there actually anything better? Most of us use vacation time to give ourselves more freedom than we do throughout the rest of the year. And, in general, we are more willing to try new things, such as food we have never tried or visiting places we have never been to before. We enable ourselves to not only act differently, but perhaps even to be someone else when we are not surrounded by family, coworkers, or friends. No one knows who you are, so you may act like someone else: and be more open, careless, and wild. There's no need to be concerned about what society will think of you or the impression you'll make when you're on the other side of the world and won't see these people again. Open Google, look for the sexiest places on Earth, and get ready for your perfect vacation romance!

When discovering, we also gain a better understanding of our own bodies. It's an out-of-the-ordinary experience — we stay under the sun and smear ourselves (and others!) with sunscreen, swim in the sea, take multiple showers a day, wash off the salt, pay more attention to the taste of food, and wine. Many of us enjoy dancing. All this contributes to the very natural need for casual "something", especially during vacation. Isn’t that truly the best way to relax? You get to have fun, but also possibly experience a new culture, language, and tradition? Plus, you will have something to remember for those long winter evenings, when the only warmth you get is from the blanket.

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We've got some hot summer fling tips for you:

  • Single and ready to mingle? If you’re looking to have some fun this summer, why not download an exciting dating app for that? For example, Pure can help you save time and meet someone for an intriguing adventure. 
  • And hey, we are not trying to give a basic sexual education course here, but condoms can save you a lot of headaches when you're having fun. Here's another thing you should consider. To save yourself heartache, you should be aware that nothing serious will most likely come out of a vacation romance. It's casual fun, a retreat if you will. 
  • And you know what? Don't leave your phone number unless you do not plan to continue talking. Be honest with yourself and your new friend. 
  • And the fourth and most important tip — if there is a spark and you really feel like unwinding — just do it!

😎 We recommend

that you prepare in advance by finding your new crush on Pure. You can use the "City" filter in the Ad Feed to meet new people no matter how far they are.

I asked my friends about their summer flings as I was drafting this post. The majority of them said they wanted to try something but never did because they were too shy to approach someone. And many people regret it. You should embrace your “hot girl summer”!

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Here’s a story I’ll remember forever. There was this Montenegrin chef named Marko who had a crush on me when I was on vacation. I was just 20 years old and this was before I discovered psychotherapy, so naturally, I thought anyone who showed any interest in me was completely crazy and must be avoided. But since it was my birthday, I decided to make the best out of this and have some fun.

We've spent a few hours on an empty morning beach, indulging in physical activities. Sex on the beach, by the way, is overrated.

As we were leaving the beach, an elderly man with white hair and a dark torso approached us. He seemed to know exactly what we were doing, so he turned to me and asked in Serbian how well Marko performed. I said jokingly that it was just fine. "Come here tomorrow at the same hour," the old man laughed, "and I'll show you how it should be done."😂

He looked ancient — he was probably a hundred years old if not 200. I've laughed it off because back then it seemed like a joke at the time (ageism, right?). But from time to time I wonder if I missed out on something.

Anyways, if you receive an offer like that just give it a thought. Who knows, it might actually be good.

*This article was originally published in Russian.

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