Pure: Better Dates Ahead

Pure: Better Dates Ahead

We’re back with some highly necessary Pure advice. How to get more dates? More importantly, how to get better dates? Most things you already know, no doubt, but some extra tips for a better online dating experience and more accurate matches never hurt anyone. Right?

We’re living in a strange time. Everything is as fast-paced as it gets - things come and go, dating rules get rewritten every single day - probably as we speak. For example, the new ethics of online dating. Or are they the new new ethics now? Once upon a time, the rules of intimacy weren’t as widely discussed, so everything seemed very simple: just go and find someone to sleep with. These days, as everyone is becoming more conscious and mindful, communication in dating is more important, intimacy needs to be approached with consent, boundaries, and respect in mind. But what does this have to do with Pure necessarily? Well, on Pure everything starts with the first message. And we mean everything. Talking stages, dating, casualty - you name it. Yes, we’re a community of sexually liberated and open-minded people, but we care about your safety and comfort above all. Sending someone a message on Pure is a golden ticket to love and lust (whatever your definition of love and lust might be). So put your shame in the drawer, and step out bravely. Date with no shame! Just like they said on Sex Education (2019): “The opposite of shame is pride”. Be proud of yourself, your needs and desires, and the magical things they can lead you to. And we’re proud of you for choosing us. So, here’s how to get dates and be successful in dating.


I’m in! Where do I begin?

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Well, to start off, your intuition and awareness are your best bet. We just want to get a little educational and give you a heads up:

sending a nude or a dick pic as your introduction to someone is a no-go. 

And despite your sincere intentions, it’s far from alluring. Seriously, save that for later. There are no limits on Pure - as in, you set your own rules, but asking someone if they’re ready for a glimpse of your bare visuals is necessary. Everyone’s boundaries are different - so the chance of you scaring them away because you didn’t respect (or care enough to ask) theirs is high. At the very least, think about this scenario: they’re at work doing a presentation. Their phone is broadcasted on the screen. Most likely, they won’t click on the message as they’re in the middle of something. In case they do, however, your piece of art appears on the big screen for everyone to witness. Pretty awkward, isn’t it?

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Online chatting etiquette has changed over time too. Whether due to the digitalization of communication or the pandemic, it’s no secret sexting has become a lot more popular. This is where we pat ourselves on the back for being The Greatest: all the sexting tools are ready to go, and people are willing to participate. Text, voice messages, self-destructing pictures - we’ve got everything! Even video chats - for those of you who like to take it to a whole new level. We’re also working on introducing teledildonics (it’s when you can remotely interact with your partner and pleasure them via sex toys).

So.. what makes Pure great?

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Our team is all across the globe, and so is our community, but the answer remains the same - you. Yes, you heard right - Pure is not just an exciting app for finding cool dates. It’s a community that values honesty and openness above all. It’s the Pure community that makes the experience so great: people valuing their freedom and genuine communication, having an open-minded outlook on the world, showing respect, embracing and welcoming everyone regardless of gender and sexuality, always willing to pursue their desires fearlessly and with pride. Pure is a judgment-free space - and we mean it.

What about love, then?

Love can be found on Pure, too - even when you’re not looking for it specifically. Call it fate

“Our community is special! One of our members, who has been with us for a while, mentioned that everyone on Pure flirts eloquently, which is not something you’d expect on the app. But I think that’s actually very logical: you skip the small talk and unnecessary introductions and jump right to the most interesting part. The desire doesn’t just come out of nowhere - it’s a slow burn that starts a fire. A late-night sexting session builds more anticipation than any wine-and-dine scenario could.”

Olga Petrunina, Pure СEO 
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Sexting, in general, is kind of like a psychological analysis. Wait up! Don’t stop reading just yet - we’re done using big terms. All we’re saying is that sexting erases borders and mental barriers - you are as vulnerable and forthright as the person on the other side of the screen. It’s important to feel the moment and allow yourself to stay present: that way you can experience each and every element of intimacy. 

“My work colleagues and university friends are rather creative people, and I rarely hang out with any, uh, brokers or geologists. But, amazingly, you can learn a lot of new things about this world from just one encounter. The most amazing thing happened when I went on a date with one of them.”


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Ready, set, go… How do I speed up the process?

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Have you heard of manifestation boards? Of course, you have - that’s quite a popular pastime these days. You visualize what you want, put it on paper, and wait for the Universe to deliver results. Pure, in a way, is that manifestation board - more a behavioral one than spiritual. We all know that in order for your goals to actualize, necessary steps towards said goals have to be taken. To turn everything you’ve been dreaming of into reality, simply talk about it! In your ad, in the chat, and wherever else. Speak up! The more specific - the better.

In case you need any additional tips for a better Pure ad, here’s a guide for you 

Our purpose here is to make Pure a safe space, free of stereotypes and preconceived ideas of how online dating should and shouldn’t work. Openness and respect are key priorities for us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an anonymous casual encounter in 30 minutes, feel like chatting about Tarantino being overrated and Isabelle Huppert being underrated over a bottle of wine, or maybe you’re in the mood for a drunk karaoke night with a beautiful companion - at the end of the day, it’s all up to you and what you want. All you have to do is make it memorable and show respect to yourself and your date. Can you? Great! Then you really are a part of our Pure community - welcome to the club, and we hope you enjoy the adventure. Here’s to better dating and adventures.

Pure Team


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