MILF: Definition & All You Need to Know

MILF: Definition & All You Need to Know

There’s a well-known term for sexually attractive older women, who are not justindependent, incredibly cool, and hot — they also enjoy their dating life and everything it has to offer. Let’s do a deep dive into the MILF phenomenon.

What’s MILF?

Milf (Mother I’d Like To F…) by definition is an older woman — but not necessarily a mother — who’s attractive, gorgeous, and everything in between. The word itself is nothing new — though back in the day, it was only used to define something specific: Jennifer Coolidge, Monica Bellucci’s Malena, or Demi Moore on the red carpet holding hands with Ashton Kutcher.

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The Basics

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What is the main difference between a Milf and any other woman? Well, yes, age would be the definitive factor: usually, it’s anywhere from 35 to 50 years old, but that's not the main point. A Milf is an older woman, often single or divorced, who prefers to choose partners a little (or a lot) younger than herself, loves to practice ONS and FWB, and is actively dating and seeing people. She is financially independent, calls shots, makes decisions based on her needs, and enjoys her sexual life with no shame or stereotypes. Another important thing to mention: she has more than enough experience in the bedroom. 

You think that was it? Nope. There’s a term Gilf (same meaning, except G stands for Granny) for women over 50. Ladies like Kris Jenner or Brigitte Macron, whose attractiveness level is undeniable, and their intimate life is obviously flourishing despite the age. What we’re trying to say is that there isn’t a certain type of a "hot mom": it can be anyone from non-binary Tilda Swinton to any member of the Kardashian family. She can be an adventurous housewife at a luxury resort or a strict corporate CEO.

To be a certified Milf, one doesn’t need a cleavage or a tight dress: it’s rather about one’s essence than looks

Crush? Or cringe? 

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Is it possible to perceive the term Milf as an insult? Well, as always, that depends on the context. Obviously not if it's a self-assigned definition, like in that Fergie song "M.I.L.F.$". An older woman can self-identify as whatever she wants as long as she’s comfortable. 

But what about the context in the adult film industry? Indeed, the word Milf consistently ranks 5th in popularity among the infamous website we’re not going to name. Honestly, you can check it by grabbing videos. What exactly attracts the heterosexual male demographic to this category? One simple thing: female domination. Most often, these mid age women are professors, police officers, or CEOs of big companies. They are determined, independent, and confident. This challenges the myth of masculinity and inherent “male dominance”. Because men, just like women, can be dominant or submissive, independent or deeply attached — it’s all very individual. And nothing is out of the ordinary here.

Perhaps the only negative thing about the Milf phenomenon are the actual words "mom" and "grandma" used in the context of age.

Like, here we go again… Women are once again inadvertently told when to be a mother (35-50), and when it's time to have grandchildren (50+)

It’s quite obvious that these days a 50-year-old woman can have a 12-year-old kid, and a 35-year-old can have no children at all. See? Even when talking about such a wonderful thing as mature women enjoying themselves, the good ol’ patriarchy conversation comes to the surface.

That’s why we think it’s best to abandon the connection between the Milf phenomenon and whether or not she actually has children. Thankfully, that’s been done for the most part.

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Some cool facts about Milfs

  • The peak of female sexuality falls within the Milf age (35-40 years old);
  • Some scientists define attraction to older women as a separate sexual preference;
  • A 40-50-year-old woman is highly likely to prefer a man 10-15 years younger than her
  • Most of your favorite 90’s actresses  are Milfs now;
  • Most Milfs are, by definition, out of everyone’s league. But that’s okay.

Katya Shaposhnikova


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