15 July 2021

New Pure and what's next

Pure Team

Despite the fact that this year has been full of restrictions, summer is always a great time for daring adventures. To help you make the most of yours, we've introduced some important updates.

Make sure to use them wisely! Here's what you can expect:


Here at Pure, we like to say that borders are only a thing of the mind! Dating on Pure has officially reached a global level - now you can see ads from all over the world. As long as there is internet connection, anyone open to adventure can find it on Pure. Just choose a country and a city and see who catches your attention. It's time to strengthen international relations! Build diplomatic, sexual or any other types of connections with people in cities like Paris, London, New York, or Moscow. You can choose any city through filters. We will deliver your likes anywhere in the world instantly.

"Since Pure has open borders, it's time to broaden our geographical range. Many of us are not only looking to meet in real-life, but also to experience exciting sexting and virtual sex, even at a distance. I didn't really think about it until I saw a guy from London on Moscow's feed, he had been using a VPN. We had a lot of fun sexting and sharing playlists from Spotify, and then I thought:

why have all these location restrictions while we're missing out on wonderful experiences? 

So we made some changes. Of course, checking the feed in different cities will be especially popular with travellers. Here's hoping that borders open up again soon so nothing will prevent you from hopping on a plane to meet a sexy Parisienne for the weekend. By the way, Moscow has an amazing Pure community - make sure to check the feed there. You can switch cities through filters."

Olga, Pure CEO

To see other cities in your Feed simply select the "City" filter and choose where you want to travel today. You can easily switch between different places near and far. We deliver likes no matter what the distance is! Try this filter to see who's nearby and what's happening in another city.


Now with greater options to choose from in terms of sexual identity, it’s easier than ever to meet someone who you can vibe with. Choose from heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, asexual, and queer from the "My Sexuality" filter in the Feed to help you find your perfect match. 👫👯👯💗💜💙🌈🦢 

Freedom of choice is in Pure's DNA. You can be whoever you want to be and embrace your desires.

We have also added more gender identities with a new  non-binary gender option! For now, you can only choose your gender when you register, but we're working hard to provide the option to change it later. Just in case! However, there are no restrictions on how often you can change your sexual preferences in the settings.

“Our core values are equality and mutual respect, and we will never tolerate prejudice. People come to Pure to have new experiences, explore their sexuality in different aspects of it. Attraction isn't always gender-based, it’s much more about personality behind that, and I'm delighted to see many bisexuals on Pure exploring their sexuality, just like me.”  

Olga, Pure CEO

Share our values? Try Pure today!


We've updated our design, but that's not what we're talking about! You can now add up to 3 photos to your Pure ad. It's your time to shine, but please save your nudes for your private chats. We don't allow nudity in the Feed. If you have any questions, click here to learn more about our policies in the community guidelines.

“We all know that the Pure community is skilled at writing openly about their desires, but taking a nice photo is also an art form. I recommend avoiding pictures of landscapes or fancy cars in your ad. Instead of showing off your new watch, why don't you share a photo of your attractive smile or a photo that shows your adventurous side? Unfortunately, unless you're really funny and witty, ads without photos have virtually no chance of being successful. (If you are that funny though, send us an email! We'd love to pick your brain).”

Olga, Pure CEO

You can add more photos on the Ad screen hidden behind the mask icon. And again, please save your nudes for your private chats. If you want tips on how to take an unforgettable nude for sexting - check out our guide.


We plan to add even more new filter features soon, you’ll be able to filter by height, age, and sexual preference. We're dying to reveal what we're cooking up next: we’ve got sexy gamified content and even teledildonics, but we don't want to spoil the surprise! Who knows, maybe AR rooms with controlled avatars are in the future! Obviously, we're already giving away too much… Our lips are sealed for now, but stay tuned for more!

“We believe that dating shouldn't be boring - endless swipes and scrolling of the Feed, this is all so 2010. We want to reinvent everything a new: imagine a Pure Goddess whispering in the chat who is your best crash or who has the same sex fantasies as you do. We have plans to create a virtual Pure universe, where everyone can choose their own avatar and be whoever they want, just like in the movie “Ready Player One”.”

Olga, Pure CEO

One last detail, there will be a "dark" mode soon. We're already excited about it! Not on Pure yet? Let's change that! Click on the link to get the app,

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