9 Types of Guys You'll Meet on Dating Apps

9 Types of Guys You'll Meet on Dating Apps

Men on dating apps — what are they like? What are the types of men in dating? We love our community, we really do. And just like in any other community, ours has certain types. Sometimes we (the Pure team) catch ourselves posting ads that fit those same stereotypes - so we’re right here with you. So, let’s approach this with utmost self-irony.



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This guy wants casualty while traveling. “In town for 3 days, show me the city”. We’ve seen it all — the guy has glasses on (prescription or for aesthetic purposes — guess we’ll never know), headphones, a film camera, and the ability to maintain a conversation on any topic all hidden in a huge backpack of his. If you want to roleplay as a tour guide, feel free to meet up with him. These guys are typically really fun to be around — they know how to seize the opportunity of life and have a sincere interest in you and the world around them. He may even ask you to take pictures of him at the local museum. Will he tag you in his Instagram post later? Absolutely not. But you weren't expecting him to, were you? Either way, if you want casualty with him — go ahead.

Get ready for unforgettable connections

Whether you’re looking for a passionate adventure, meaningful conversation, or something else, we promise one thing: what happens in Pure stays in Pure.

Spiritual Guru 

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There is something special about the Russell Brands of our society: they’re existing on a different level of reality, all their chakras are open, the meaning of life and other existential truths have long been studied from inside out. Recognizing this type of man is simple — as a rule of thumb, he usually doesn’t know why he’s on Pure. Let’s assume “mere mortals” human needs and hedonism are still something of interest to him — though he will obviously never admit it. This guy is into knowledge. But is he into you? He’s likely looking exclusively for the most interesting and most unique people on the app.

This is a man of mystery, and you will never find out anything about him beyond his views on the world. But if you feel like philosophy talks, stories about Bali volunteering and hitchhiking — you’ve come to the right person.

Fast Racer 

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This guy will come and pick you up. It’s always one of the three: a photo of his whip, a photo of his hand behind the wheel, or a luxury watch around that same hand. If you're lucky, you’ll get all three in one. We don't really know what this man looks like – you could safely assume Ryan Gosling’s character from Drive decided to try his luck on Pure. He will tell you everything you wanted (and didn’t want) to know about his car, and if he likes you enough, you’ll be his late-night drive companion. Sultry eyes and cinematic conversations are included in the package. Though we don’t really know who this man likes more – his potential matches or his car. Chances are, he’s a good guy!

Gym Bro

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Some guys love being at the gym — there’s nothing you can do about it. A photo in gym clothes, a photo in the gym mirror, a photo of him lifting heavy. Just looking at this man, we involuntarily begin evaluating our own workout habits. Let’s be honest, a lot of us tried lifting weights only to give up after a few sessions, and walking up to the 5th floor without getting out of breath is already a personal achievement. His flirting skills are usually not the best, but these guys are kind and attentive in person, so don’t be intimidated by the abs and send him a heart. Chances are, he can whip up a nice hearty meal for you, instruct you on CrossFit, cutting and bulking, and all the other gym glossary terms you would’ve never known otherwise. And if he inspires you enough, perhaps you’ll be going on an early morning run sometime soon?

Art Critic

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He's not like all the other guys — he's different. His pictures are usually artistically zoomed-in selfies. He loves poetry, good wine, and indie film directors, his place is most likely a mess. Don’t — under any circumstances — admit to him that your guilty pleasures are watching The Bachelor and listening to Top 40, otherwise you’re doomed to receive some condescending remarks. And if your job happens to fall into the category of ‘ordinary 9 to 5’ — watch him roll his eyes, too. He doesn’t like ordinary girls. He likes cool girls — whatever that means.

These guys, albeit complicated, are really good at sexting, and in general online chats with them are as fun as it gets — we have to applaud them for it. So, pretend you’re one of the slightly melancholic and reticent Lynch characters and dive into his artistic world with enthusiasm! A little party never hurt nobody.

Picky Eater

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This guy wants a perfect woman. But can he match up? His ad falls into the category of asking-for-too-much. “Older than 24, younger than 27. Big butt, but not plus size. Love piercings on women; hate tattoos. You gotta be smart too". Well, you've already figured it out for yourself – these men’s standards are floating up in the sky somewhere. And then these gentlemen get upset they get no matches on dating apps. Or that women ghost them. We wonder why… Just curious: can they measure up to their own requests? And why are some men so rude?

The picky eater should still be given credit where it’s due: after all, these kinds of ads are the most effective, foolproof method to Not Getting Any.

Mysterious Knight 

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Pure notification: you’ve got a cocktail! The message attached is nothing more than a modest "Hi", the person's ad is empty, no photos or bio – at this point, you can let your imagination run wild and pretend it’s Leonardo DiCaprio anonymously trying his luck with you now that he’s tired of twenty-something supermodels. After an encounter with this gentleman, everything depends on the development of your connection, so we encourage you to accept that gift, text with him for a bit, exchange photos, and see where it all leads you to. There is something alluring in the unknown, after all. Plus, maybe he’s just shy?

Dom King

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This is where you don’t have to second-guess anything. This kind of gentleman has certain requests and specific ideas for his BDSM adventures. Whether he’s an experienced professional or a newbie — this man has nothing to hide and will usually tell you right away. If you’re into it (not to mention, we’re aware some of you come on Pure just for this!) and the idea excites your imagination, make sure you follow through with safety and your comfort in mind. Safe, sane, consensual — the three main principles of BDSM. 

By the way, we have a very useful guide for those of you looking to try: read it here

Cool Guy

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Don’t get discouraged by the above just yet – there are really nice guys on Pure. Actually, the majority are. Self-sufficient, smart, interesting people – you’ll never run out of conversation topics with them, the passion will be off the charts, and they don’t suffer from high horse syndrome or narcissistic tendencies. They are all completely different and unique, so it’s impossible to categorize them into one. So, let’s just call them cool guys.

It's easy to recognize him on Pure: he respects you, communicates openly, and most importantly, makes you feel comfortable at any stage of your acquaintance – from sexting and exchanging photos to having dinner together. So, let’s have a toast to cool guys! Cool guys are everything women want. 

And remember: the quality of your matches and the further development of events for the most part depends on how you are in online dating, your own ad, and what you’re looking for specifically. So, the better you know yourself and communicate your desires - the higher the chance your matches will be just as awesome!

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