Ten ideas for an alcohol-free date

Ten ideas for an alcohol-free date

We looove hearing stories about how "we got so wasted on the first date." And we do it too! But here's a thought - you could still enjoy dating without drinking; it doesn't have to be boring. Whatever your reason for declining "Sex on the Beach" is, here are some of our tips for sober (and still very exciting) dates.

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Sports: a marathon of desire

Bike rides are both romantic and healthy, especially when done together. Bowling is always fun. Horseback riding is the pinnacle of aesthetics. Do rock climbing for pure adrenaline. And a yacht trip is always a win. Your blood will boil more after physical activity, than a B-52.

Pure dating — anything but boring!


Gastronomic breakaway

Making a meal together is the best alternative for a dinner date at a restaurant. Cooking classes on dolma or spring rolls are a perfect choice because collaboration helps with synergy and bringing people together as fast as possible is our aim here.

Here are the 15 worst places to go on a first date, according to the Pure community.

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On Garden Circle sightseeing tours, you could fall in love and pass out from boredom all on the same day. However, let's face it: neither of you has ever ventured onto the city's rooftops or into its gloomy dungeons. New experiences bring you closer together, so it's about time you try it. For a better experience, try using an audio guide or a tour guide who will only be with you two.

Kinky park

The restaurant gives off a ceremonial vibe. You can unwind and enjoy each other more casually in the park. Choose a location with a wooded area, well, just in case.

Before you do, be sure to take a look at Pure's guide to the perfect date.

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Dance of passion

The way a man moves can reveal a lot about his qualities in bed. Although it is a contentious theory, we have never made an error. Dancing with someone is similar to having sex: it starts awkwardly but quickly becomes addictive. If you're attending a master class, choose salsa because it's the perfect way to get familiar with your partner's body language.

Movie marathon

Our data shows that most of these marathons end after thirty minutes of the conditional "Euphoria." But do return to watching after sex! And when choosing the movies, split the list in half between your favorites and least favorites. Review your favorite movies if your tastes are similar. When you find out you enjoy the same movies, it’s a pleasure on its own.

Here are some suggestions for what to watch: hot shows for two and top winter picks. And what about gay porn?

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Photo tour

If you're serious about social media, kill two birds with one stone. Visit the most Instagrammable spots and take photos of one another there. You'll both benefit, even if it's your last date, and you'll get to update your pictures at Pure.

We share tips on how to do nudes and dickpics if you're considering doing a nude photo shoot.

Doggy style

The way one feels about man's best friends is really important. Test your partner (the soon-to-be parent of two furry little angels) at a cat cafe, urban farm, or any other location where animals are kept in humane conditions.

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The Pleasure Garden

We undervalue flora's ability to mitigate damage. Imagine all the ways that we are symbolically or directly connected to plants. Plants-predators but are not what they seem. Unconfirmed rumors claim that we all emerged from the Garden of Eden. Quote Baudelaire's "Flowers of Evil" to get to the sapiosexual’s orgasm faster.

Quest: adrenaline rush

Participating in an immersive experience or dodging zombies in a damp basement is probably the best idea for a first date, as adrenaline increases your desire for sex. You'll undoubtedly have something to talk about the following day and a week later.

Here are 11 pointers to help you nail your first date.

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