How to Tell If You're in a Healthy Relationship

How to Tell If You're in a Healthy Relationship

There are no scandals, no limits, and sex is always consensual — and not a compromise just because your partner feels like it. Plus, you feel good around your SO. Let us tell you — you seem to be in a happy relationship. But let's double-check! Here are five sure indicators that your relationship is solid.

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You are at ease

This key indicator is truly a sign of a healthy relationship with someone. Tick the box if you are not torn apart by negativity, you are not suffering, and you feel only better with your partner. All differences in interests, desires, political and religious beliefs, and sexual preferences should be accepted calmly.

Pure — everything happens here and now!


You are independent

Co-dependency is the polar opposite of freedom in a relationship. Only self-sufficient individuals can forge a strong union. Tick the box if you have some quiet time apart and also tend to your own personal needs. It's unusual for two people to merge and spend their entire life together. Emotional dependence is frequently accompanied by a fear of rejection. Your partner's infantilism could allow you to control their life through financial dependence.

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You have consensual sex only

Intimate relationships are an important part of life and should be pleasant. If you can relate, congratulations, you have a healthy relationship. If sex is always consensual, without coaxing or blackmailing you with mythical "duty."

You need to be able to accept rejection and recognize that sexual desire arises spontaneously. This is not always the same between partners.

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You discuss problems

You communicate: you resolve conflicts through dialogue and mutual respect, you don't make significant decisions without consulting each other. This is plain trust, and it is a sign of health and maturity. You won't be afraid of being dumped because of a new job in another city. There will undoubtedly be conflicts and difficulties, but you know how to deal with them.

You are comfortable with each other's shortcomings

No one wants to be tailored and re-made. If anything, it's detrimental. Insisting on someone quitting smoking simply because you believe it is a bad idea will most probably end in the opposite way you hope it would. Everyone is flawed and has bad habits. These must be approached with caution. Otherwise, your partner might stop smoking "for your sake" today, and you will take control of their life tomorrow. Embarrassing!

On the subject

  • People who feel loved have a lower risk of having a heart attack.
  • Those who do not communicate with loved ones have a 34% higher risk of dying prematurely.
  • When meeting and saying goodbyes, a six-second kiss establishes trust.
  • The phrase "It's up to you: do as I say or we break up" is a sure dead relationship indicator.

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