It's Time to Let Go. How to Understand That the Relationship is Over

It's Time to Let Go. How to Understand That the Relationship is Over

Attempting to resurrect a dead relationship often means saying goodbye to the psyche, physical health, and future prospects for a normal personal life. However, it can be difficult to accept that the relationship cannot be saved. Here are six indicators that the connection has served its purpose.

Little things annoy you

What appeared to be a nice habit is now infuriating. You don't like what your partner says, how he laughs, snores, and wears socks. The relationship most likely ended after the romantic phase. It just so occurred that you just don't suit each other, and once passion is gone, there's, unfortunately, nothing left. It's time to end this relationship.


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You're going against your interests

You give up your favorite activities, socializing, and weekend getaways to spend time with your family. You no longer engage in your usual activities because you spend all of your time with your partner and serve his or her needs. You prepare their favorite dishes rather than your own. You dress in clothes they like and go to places they find interesting. Can you see the red flags? Run away if you don't want to be a part of an abusive relationship. If you hesitate, you'll convince your friends for years that "you need to work on relationships" (only you, yeah), and then you will spend a fortune on a psychotherapist. Save your money and run.

Emotional abuse

Relationship quarrels are common, but not every day. Jealousy, offensive jokes at your expense (especially when someone else is there with you), humiliation, and devaluation are all examples of emotional violence. If you have even the slightest suspicion of anything on this list, it's time to accept that your relationship is over. When you break up, your partner will most likely not understand your reasons (or frankly - won't be bothered to try to understand).

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Unwillingness to discuss problems

A constructive dialogue can resolve the majority of conflicts in any relationship. This is how we become closer and learn to understand each other's needs. If your partner refuses to discuss problems and dismisses them, you must admit that the relationship has no future.

Only one is invested in the relationship

Adults should strive for an equal partnership — both financially and emotionally. If only you remember important dates, organize meetings and trips, and give thoughtful gifts — bad news. Most likely, the person next to you is just a consumer. Talk about it, and if nothing changes, consider whether it is beneficial to continue this relationship.

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You live in the past

You frequently recall your first date or first sex: it was great at the time, but it is no longer so. You're waiting for everything to be back where it used to be, and you can't believe the person from the past and the person standing next to you are the same person. Instead of dwelling on the past, look for a partner who will be useful in the present. We must recognize that not all relationships will work out.

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  • Divorces are most common in the fifth year after a wedding;
  • Exercise reduces dopamine levels when you're going through a breakup. This can either weaken or eliminate the depressive episode;
  • Couples who share common interests frequently divorce due to boredom;
  • Men and women react differently to breakups. Men are becoming more emotionally unstable, while women are becoming more open.

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