5 teaser techniques that will increase your response rate

Tips for successful online dating conversation

New Year's Eve is over; you’re going strong on your resolutions, and among them, there’s one to expand your social circle, that can come true thanks to Pure. On paper, everything works: your profile is complete, your Turn-Ons are listed, and your photos look great. But even if you manage to get your first matches, the feedback is slow, and you get discouraged. At this point, there's only one thing to do: let’s review your catchphrases! Instead of the tried and true "Hi, how are you?", Here are 5 techniques that will make you stand out in the e-dating jungle.

The riddle

Curiosity could be considered an ugly flaw, but above all, it’s a powerful lever for quality conversations when used wisely. Like a salesperson marketing their product, a dose of humor will show your target that you’re not a regular suitor. Whether it's a romantic mystery, a childish joke, or a play on words, the choice is yours!

- Knock, knock!
- Who’s there?
- Police.
- Police who?
- Police tell me I’m your type!

Pure dating — anything but boring!

5 teaser techniques that will increase your response rate.1. 1

The chatbot

In the age of artificial intelligence, stand out by pretending to be your own virtual assistant for a funny, light approach. Thanks to the relatively imperious tone proposed by chatbots and other AIs, a fun and daring exchange is guaranteed, provided your match appreciates humor.

- Dear Madam, it is with pleasure that we confirm our next meeting with you. In order to offer you the greatest possible freedom, please reply to this message with (1) to schedule a drink for two on Tuesday at 8 PM, (2) a candlelight dinner on Thursday at 9 PM, or (3) a picnic in the sun on Sunday at 1 PM. We thank you for your involvement and wish you a great day, xoxo!

The poem

Do you have the soul of a poet and natural talent for words? Jump on the opportunity! Mix humor and provocation for explosive results without quoting Verlaine or being too cheesy. Be careful with spelling! A single typo could spoil your efforts.

Raspberries are pink,
Violets are blue.
We’ve just met
But already, all I do is think about you.

5 teaser techniques that will increase your response rate.2. 1

The "Don’t we know each other?"

A 2.0 variation of the "Haven't we met before?", this version involves a twist: rather than being vague, involve someone who doesn't exist! Jessica, John, Mike... So many common names that we ALL have in our circle. Try this:

-  Heeeeey, you're Jeremy's friend! How have you been lately?
-  Uhm, hello. Who’s Jeremy?
-  Jeremy. Don't you know him? No? I'm sorry. Well, can I buy you a drink?

Be careful, though! Let’s be clear on one obvious point - don’t make the game last beyond the first messages. Making a fool of someone has no place in a healthy and respectful relationship.

The "Have you ever noticed?"

Because absurdity tends to generate positive reactions when wielded sparingly, pointing out a nonsensical detail to your match that they've never been able to pick up on can take its toll. Whether it's a name change, a comparison to a celebrity, or total improvisation, let your imagination run wild!

-  I don't know if you've noticed, but when you remove 3 letters from Pierre, and change 3 others, it becomes Bob! So you are okay with it if I call you Bob?
-  I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but if we shaved your head and turned you around, you would be the most beautiful kiwi on the shelf of life!

Odilon Duval-Robert


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