What to wear on a first date. Tips for girls, guys & enbies

What to wear on a first date. Tips for girls, guys & enbies

We won't get into telling you about evening dresses, loafers, and comfortable shoes suitable for walking. Too boring! Surely, you're more concerned with the date than with your outfit. Some want to please and seduce, while others cringe at any hint of compliments, and others have sex before going on a date — and only then go out for a romantic dinner. Here are Pure's best tips for what to wear on a first date to achieve everything you want.

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What to wear on a date, if you expect to have sex

What do you need for good sex? Whatever it is, your outfit can get you there. It's concerning if you look bold in your profile photo, but show up to a date dressed as a nun. Look natural, but feel welcome to hint that you were preparing. Say, put on a modest leather collar with a lock: it’s both an accessory and a hint to your BDSM interests. Also, please pay attention to your underwear. Even though it won't linger on you for long, but it can ruin the impression. No cartoon on the underwear, just this time.

And remember the main rule of the dress code: make sure to wear protection! It will save you from having a conversation like this: “Hey, listen, I have this weird rash, please go get checked”. You don't want STIs after your first date.

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What to wear on a date to avoid objectification 

Remember, even if you show up naked, no one has the right to make you feel uncomfortable or stare. Yes, we are idealists. But we have to live in the real world, so we don't expect others to have high moral principles.

In this case, when choosing an outfit focus on psychological and physical safety. Save for the future what's too revealing, tight, and provocative. Though, if your date understands that your looks are not an invitation to sex, but simply a self-love act, your extreme cleavage or open slit will be perceived just alright.

On the topic:

  • 50% of couples kiss on their second date;
  • According to a survey conducted by AOL, 40% of women consider sex acceptable a month after dating, and 35% of men are ready for it by the third date;
  • The most popular place for a first date is an Italian restaurant;
  • After a date, the best time to call is in 3-4 days.
What to wear on a first date. Tips for girls, guys & enbies.2. 1

What to wear on a first date, if you're definitely going to drink

White, tight, and pricey outfits — only for sober evenings. You will spill wine on your dress, tear it while trying to pull it off or lose it somewhere. And if the sex was mediocre, you'll still have to text them the next day in order to get back the expensive lace panties you adore.

By the way, who should pay on a date? Read our financial guide.

What to wear if a date is after sex

Romance after intimacy is our favorite kind of romance. It's always unexpected: you haven’t really talked, and then you saw a collection of Marquez's works in his closet. And then you find out you’re into similar things and magic happens.

Just in case, grab a change of underwear, socks, and a shirt/dress. If stars align, you can go have dinner after sex — or head to work in the morning. It might happen that the connection between you two turns out to be stronger, than the desire to sleep in your own bed.

Now it's time to find out who enbies are.

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