How to date via video. Six etiquette rules for your next date in front of the camera

How to date via video. Six etiquette rules for your next date in front of the camera

We hope that you are all aware that Pure now has special video chats — a game called "Devil's Bones", where you can meet people from all over the world. We built it that way so it feels like a pretty normal date, where you can see each other whenever you want and have fun. However, few people pay attention to the important details, which is why virtual chats often don't work out. We know how to fix it: let’s take a look at some rules for the perfect date in front of the camera.

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Text often

Try to get to know your match well enough before getting to the video. Allow both of you time to open up so that you're not uncomfortable with pauses when you meet face-to-face. Starting online is a handy way to learn about preferences, while also to warm up before meeting in real life.

Tip: You're definitely ready for spontaneity if you've matched in our random chats. Treat it like any bar meeting: any general question is acceptable. If you find it difficult to hold a conversation, move on! Click the dice icon

Dress like you're going on an “offline” date

The "Big Lebowski" style may work. But you don't actually intend to appear in front of the camera like that, do you? Being neat is respectful; being sloppy - not so much.

Tip. The same goes for the background. Bed linen should be fresh, and the room should be as clean as possible!

How to date via video. Six etiquette rules for your next date in front of the camera.1. 1

Work on the lights and entourage

Your task is to make everything look as good as possible. Experiment with different lighting, try to frame the shot with pictures, decor, or a bookshelf - give your match something to talk about. Play a soft playlist of your favorite songs if you want to talk about music.

Tip. Make a test call with a friend to see how things look in reality


Pure dating — no expectations, no limits


Be mindful of privacy

Think about it: a home video, where your cat bursts into the frame during a hot action gets a 0 out of 10. Your match is unlikely to be turned on if there are distractions. Keep your furry friends somewhere far and safe!

The same goes for other residents: arrange a video call when no one is home, and lock the door - sometimes people can forget about personal boundaries. If being caught turns you on, maybe it's just you. Even if you are not planning on having sex, having extra ears is just not it.

Tip. Discuss the duration of your call ahead of time so that there are no awkward goodbyes.

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How to date via video. Six etiquette rules for your next date in front of the camera.2. 1

Plan what you're going to do

The most effective improvisation is planned. If you and your match did not initially agree on sexting, figure out what you wanna do. A karaoke party, cooking a meal together or simply having dinner, a jam session, or playing Truth or Dare - think what will captivate the match. If everything above seems strange to you and you don't believe you need to prepare for a call, at the very least consider topics to discuss.

Tip. An outdoor video date is also an option: show each other your favorite places and architecture. It will come in handy in a game of "Devil's Bones" - your match could be on the other side of the world

Stay safe

Reduce risks. When you get naked, avoid exposing your face and tattoos and start a new video-chat, if there's a need. If your match recorded the screen, a new session will not allow him to de-anonymize you if he has malicious intentions.

Don't reveal any personal information, such as who you live with, when you're at home, and anything else your parents told you not to tell strangers.

Psychological safety is also essential. Flee, if the person you're talking to insists on nudity and starts shaking their testicles in front of the cam. The great thing about Pure is that you don't have to deal with annoying people at all: if there's a need, block someone and file a complaint - you'll help yourself and others. When chatting through messengers, the risk is much higher: then the person knows your phone number or nickname and can harass you from another phone or find your social media.

Tip. Stay on Pure; it's safe! Here the photos disappear after viewing and cannot be screenshotted

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