Pure Team stands with Ukraine. How to help

Pure Team stands with Ukraine. How to help

Peace has many faces and voices. We need to stand together to stop this war.

We are devastated by the Russian invasion posed on Ukraine and the attempts to destroy the sovereignty of the country and its people. Innocent people are paying in bloodshed, immense loss, and tears. Our team stands with Ukraine and supports the Ukrainian people, and we are hoping to make a difference if we make ourselves heard.

We also stand with Russian people that wanted no part of this and are actively resisting, protesting, and fighting the government’s actions — a good reminder that the regime does not represent the Russian people and their values. So far, over 14000 Russians have been detained.

Our voice is one of many — but these cruel, unexpected, and unjust acts are impossible to witness silently. We are asking for the war to end. There should only be a place for love, acceptance, and unity. 

Pure Team


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