5 best tips for dealing with a new relationship

5 best tips for dealing with a new relationship

We all dream that as we enter a new phase of life, everything will turn out as we had hoped before it started. To assist friends embarking on new relationships and achieving new heights, Pure has put together some recommendations.

5 best tips for dealing with a new relationship.0. 1

Do not rush

Your new partner appears to be perfect and is already driving you insane with its beauty and intelligence? Your mind is racing with ideas: thinking about the future together, what will you call your children? We don't want to concern you, but it might be a little early. It is natural to be inspired by new feelings, but haste is not it. It's often enough at the start of a relationship to meet once or twice a week and gradually get to know each other. Personal space is important: if you suddenly stop having enough time for friends, family, and hobbies, the relationship can become burdensome for both of you. And of course, the first six months are usually not the right time for expressions of love — be patient!

Pure is something new

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Be yourself

Naturally, we love to show off our best qualities and be ideal for your partner. But we advise that you do not overlook sincerity. Exaggerating your abilities or attempting to appear to be someone you are not will lead to failure. You need a relationship, not a show, so everything has to be as authentic as possible. Don't admire something you don't like just to get closer, and don't compromise your values if your partner doesn't share them. Don't adapt too much — your uniqueness is more important than all the relationships in the world. After all, you were chosen by your partner specifically because you have it.

Curiosities on the subject

  • On average, most people fall in love seven times before marriage.
  • Philophobia is the fear of falling in love or being in love.
  • It takes a little more than a year to fall in love. That is the biological limit of the brain's ability to maintain a state of romantic bliss.
  • The desire for love, like the desire for sex and food, is a primal, biological need.
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Forget about the past

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present.”, as said by Master Oogway from the Kung Fu Panda. And we agree — try to live in the present moment. You and the other half both want peace and love, so there's no reason to worry about the past. There is really no need to talk about past relationships. Don't be envious of the past: this could make you seem insecure. To develop and build relationships, trust and respect are needed; without them, nothing serious will arise.

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Don't touch on taboos

There are a number of common taboos. For example, financial issues. You're both independent and still strangers to one another. And money is everyone's private and business. We are sure, you can discuss work without bringing up numbers. We can all agree, that if someone becomes overly interested in your earnings and expenses, you will begin to suspect something. It is not necessary to gossip about your exes, and it is even less necessary to talk about them poorly — it is ugly. And of course, now may not be the time to plan a wedding or discuss having children. As we said before, the rest of your life is ahead of you; do not rush.

5 best tips for dealing with a new relationship.5. 1

Do not be afraid

Fear is the enemy of love; it will not help in the relationship. Don't worry about not being good enough. You are a human being, so you have flaws and make mistakes; this is natural. Do not be concerned if your partner is better and more successful than you in some areas; you are not competing who's better, but instead looking for love. Don't give in to the fear of being nervous in bed — anything can happen, and it's not a disaster. The most important part is not to be afraid of being abandoned. Never be afraid of what you can't control.

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