What are ONS, FWB, KINK etc.? 8 Terms Explained

What are ONS, FWB, KINK etc.? 8 Terms Explained

Okay, so you’re on Pure. All is cool, but those letters and words – they don’t make sense to you! Everything looks like the CIA is sending signals to MI5, Mossad or whatever. Let’s explore together! We present to you our ultimate Pure vocabulary. And no, that won’t be your usual A to Z, we will try to go with the most popular ones. Feel free to send us feedback or ask for more explanations or even maybe send us your versions of what is what on Pure dating!

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That’s a one night stand, meaning you will see each other just once, have a coital intercourse and goodbye. But sometimes it’s the start of a long love story with chemistry and butterflies. When you come to an app for fun, no expectations, you sometimes get unexpected bonuses and much more.


Friends with benefits. “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta be my friend” – that was said by the iconic Spice Girls. Does it work for real? Well, it’s something like  the Spice Girls reunion: it can work on rare occasions. Good thing here, if you say yes to this, you will either find a new friend or have a great ONS if you won't manage the FWB setup.



Hear, hear our little cannabis lovers. Just make sure it’s legal in your area, cause nobody wants to have their date turned into THAT story. Learn more!

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Okay, that one’s tricky! You may know that it refers to ethical non monogamy, but what does it really mean? It means that one wants (and does!) to have several relationships at a time, where everyone knows everything and there is an agreement between all the participants that everyone follows. Is it a fit for you? We don’t know, but do read our article.


Just like texting but all you talk about is coitus-related. But do spice it up with some jokes!


Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism. That’s a specific type of relationship. It is not just about pain and power, a great part of the play is aftercare. And of course don’t practice it with someone you don’t know, haven’t discussed rules with or if just something seems off.

Here’s something you have to read, but we encourage you to learn more before you decide whether it’s okay for you.

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That’s just something that turns you on. It can be feet or Mozzart! But if this makes you weirdly aroused – that’s a kink. Here is our cool quiz!


That means a non-binary person. Just a right way to tell or write it. 

Sooo here are some basics, but we will be back with more shortly. Do ask your questions and do enjoy dating with the Pure App!

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