5 Stylish Tomboy Celebrities: From Kristen Stewart to Ruby Rose

5 Stylish Tomboy Celebrities: From Kristen Stewart to Ruby Rose

What is a tomboy? In its modern definition, a tomboy is a term given to a women who wears daring haircuts, and unisex clothing. They generally choose not to look the way society expects them to look. Similar to Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, only in a more modern and often, more fashionable version. Pure breaks down which celebrities prefer the tomboy style and how their choice affects their personal lives.


Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson's ex-girlfriend and the first American actress to receive a César Award, was the highest-paid actress in 2010 and 2012. At ceremonies, she is regularly dressed extravagantly. In ordinary life, though, she loves unisex and loose-fitting clothing. Stewart has stated multiple times that she is bisexual, and that this almost paid the price of her career. Despite this, she continued to date women, first she was spotted with producer Alicia Kargil, after with New Zealand model Stella Maxwell, and most recently with screenwriter Dylan Mayer, with whom she is engaged.

Kristen rocks black bomber jackets, plaid cowboy shirts, men's jeans, brogues, or beautiful unisex suits are the first images that come up when you search for tomboy style. Stewart is a true tomboy hero, wearing perfectly worn denim with classic jackets and baggy shorts with revealing tops. In fact, one of the actress's most iconic street style photographs is her wearing a tomboy printed t-shirt.


Ruby Rose

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At the age of 12, the star of the Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black" came out as a lesbian. Between 2009 until 2018, she dated a number of celebrities, including supermodel Catherine McNeil, designer Phoebe Dahl, and singer Jessica Origliasso. Ruby has stated in multiple interviews that she had saved money as a child to undergo gender reassignment surgery, but that she abandoned the idea as she grew older. She succeeded at modeling and everyday life with her androgynous flair. A short hairstyle and a lot of tattoos mix nicely with both beautiful suits and bold leather pieces. She looks good in everything - in skirts, baggy teen sweatshirts, and new-age oriental outfits. And the feminine dresses that Ruby wears on the red carpet, together with the tattoos and piercings enhance the contrast.

Tilda Swinton

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The Swinton family has descended from an ancient Scottish clan whose ancestral castle, Kimmerham, which is located in southern Scotland and displays a boar's head on its coat of arms. Tilda was a very feminine young woman. She had a shock of golden hair and a roundish shape when she was still starring in Jarman's films. The actress recognized how organic she appears in an androgynous style when she played in Sally Potter's "Orlando." Since then, she has preferred wearing men's clothing and short haircuts with shaved temples. This coupe was chosen to emphasize her aristocratic oval face. She dresses in traditional Scottish sweaters and men's shoes with huge knits. Swinton has always denied being bisexual. She was in a long-term relationship with John Byrne, the father of her children, and subsequently with Sandro Copp, an artist. Her private life is nothing like a sea of numerous romances, but rather a typical mother's routine life. Nonetheless, she is a true embodiment of the tomboy lifestyle.


Ellen DeGeneres

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There are no denying it: the famous host is a real tomboy. Ellen used to work as a house painter and bartender before becoming a stand-up comedian in clubs and coffee shops. In 1997, she came out as gay on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which boosted her show's ratings and her personal project, a sitcom called "Ellen." Ellen used to have a feminine style before her official coming out, but now she prefers to wear traditional British style suits, men's shirts, and cashmere vests. Men's derbies and soft leather oxfords are amung her favorites.  Overall, her look can be described as classic British, or British-Canadian men's style. DeGeneres has been married to Portia de Rossi since 2008.

Sara Ramirez

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This seductive Mexican began her acting career as a red carpet diva, but during her role as Dr. Torres on Grey's Anatomy, she drastically transformed her personal image. Ramirez donated her hair to Locks of Love in 2016, shaved eyebrows, bold bangs, and men's clothes with cut-off pants entered her life shortly after that. Che Diaz's appearance in "And Just Like That" is as close to what she wears in real life. Ramirez's popularity has soared thanks to her tomboy style, which has given her a ten-year makeover. In 2016 she officially announced her bisexuality and in August 2020 she declared herself a non-binary persona.

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