Unicorn dating: what does that mean?

Unicorn dating: what does that mean?

Everyone is talking about unicorns. But not the magical creatures with a long twisted horn and some sparkly dust around. Unicorns in dating and in bedroom are a totally different kind of creature — and mostly they look like you. Maybe you are even one of them, just look in the mirror and read this little Pure note. Who is a unicorn when it comes to dating and how to find one? 


More and more people are discovering themselves wanting to try being in an open relationship, but not quite, or not quite being in a relationship, but still having the warmth of connection. Actually what about a menage a trois, but with a certain setup? Well, unicorns are just that magical in fairytales and dating too. Let’s see what exactly does that mean: unicorn dating.

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What is a unicorn in dating?

“Unicorn” in dating describes the third person, who joins an existing couple for sex, dates or sometimes a deeper connection. It’s important to understand the setup correctly: both partners in a couple should enjoy unicorn’s companionship, and the unicorn is not a part of a throuple. He, she or they are somebody who doesn’t have that strong emotional connection with either of the partners, and doesn’t feel jealous about couple’s love or sex life, that happens without a unicorn. 

As in many non-conventional setups, a combination of a “couple + unicorn” in one bed is a subject to discuss. Imagine three of you in bed — obviously, there are questions to be asked about sexual preferences of each party. But with unicorns it might feel slightly different. Unicorn joins an existing couple for a pleasurable adventure so the two partners do know each other very well and the main “extra” will be the unicorn. All questions asked, but the “role play” should be discussed beforehand. Once again, it might be you in a couple with your partner or you as a unicorn. 

Though “unicorn” is a matter of three with some certain rules, you might want to read more about the three-person scenario.

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Am I a unicorn in bed?

If that’s you who wants to join a couple with the magical sexy power of yours, ask yourself some questions. Ask yourself: what am I really looking for? Answers about your sexuality should come even before entering the three-person scenario. Is that commitment-free sexual activity with the possibility of friendship? Probably the unicorn part suits you. You are looking to expand your sexual boundaries? That will work too. And trying a three-person script with no strings on your side attached? Probably yes. When entering a sexual play with a couple, communicate to yourself first — what type of experience, especially physical, are you craving? 

It might seem a little too thoughtful when it comes to pleasure. But most pleasure comes with knowledge, and not only you should understand your own needs — it’s important to clarify them to the couple. The more time you spend together before jumping into bed the better. You might understand yourself and your desires and you have clearly delivered them. Now it’s about time to ask about the couple’s expectations — whom they are looking for to meet as a unicorn? You don’t have to serve their sexual fantasy but you might want to if you like what you hear. It can definitely widen your own ideas of what you might want to try. 

Pure dating — here, now with no shame!


As in any set of three people, the idea of possible pleasure can be thrilling, but the reality can bring new feelings to unveil. Anyone can turn jealous and it’s a matter of a prior discussion of how hard feelings can be communicated in the heat of the moment. 

So if you are sexually curious, if you know enough about your own sexuality and wants and nots, but yet want to dive into the nuances — try considering yourself as a unicorn. Stating this in your Profile or an ad will bring you enough interest and probably a rush of options. Even a conversation with a real person about your unicorn role in an intercourse can make it more clear: are you ready and are you the one? 

Self-discovery in terms of personal preferences is an amazing journey. Here is Pure article about that too.

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How to find a unicorn for a pleasurable date?

A unicorn is named after a rare and hardly possible to find creature. Well, a “dating unicorn” is less mythical. Finding a unicorn is pretty much about online dating apps, like Pure — because it is all based on the clear and pretty shameless message that you send to the world. Yes, you are a couple and yes, the two of you are looking for a third party. It’s not about a drunken ONS with a friend of a friend, it’s an adult decision for the pleasure of the grown-ups who are clear in what they want. So stating this in your ad and meeting up for a chat-and-check is a great way to explore your desires as a couple. Talk to your partner about it as detailed as you can so that you are both on the same side when it comes to a date with your unicorn.

What are the shallow ends of the unicorn relationship?

Even two people dating is a matter of feelings that can be involved — and here you have +1 person to consider. This setup can be somewhat difficult to understand beforehand. Three complex personalities with their own desires, boundaries, turn-ons and needs. All of them should be considered. Some arrangements can suddenly change as the feelings of one of the parties can change. Three makes a number of combinations and every combination provides a different field of emotions. 

And last but not the least. If you are engaging with a unicorn or as a unicorn is some physical connection for pleasure — remember that it’s safer to tell a friend or someone really close to you about your plans. 

So now that we talked about it so seriously — let’s get back to the why you might want it. It’s liberating. It can be hot and exciting. It can bring you so much freedom and fun and pleasure as nothing before. And it can totally teach you new things about your own sexuality. Being more self-aware and learning about your sexuality in a safe environment is what makes you a better, happier person. Ah, and you can totally make new friends. 

Try yourself as a unicorn or go find one on Pure app. No shame in being honest and open about your sexual curiosity!

Alexandra Boyarskaya


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