How different zodiac signs act when dating

How different zodiac signs act when dating

Katya Shaposhnikova

Quit taking dating so seriously. On your next first date, use astrology to mock your date by saying, "Well, you're a typical Virgo." Let that be the test; if he/she or they can't handle your little astrological kink, it's probably not even worth bringing up a costume orgy you planned or other fun stuff.


Don't be surprised if Aries start a conversation with, "Hello, I'm your prize for good behavior." Their sincere belief in it makes convincing them otherwise impossible. Aries enjoy gambling in every way possible and getting your attention, which is a plus.

The sex will probably be fantastic, but only once or twice, as Aries lose interest quickly. Just forget it, if they stop sending texts.

By the way, here's what to do if you've been a victim of ghosting.


This one will invite you on a date to his house and ask, "Why go to a strange, noisy place when there is a delivery?". For a Taurus, a quirky class is the ideal romantic date. Taurus values their sexuality, so they are trying to avoid the pressure during the courtship phase. So — Netflix and chill!

Pure dating — here, now with no shame!



Ever heard of an oral fixation? You can be sure that a Gemini is a right man for the job, they’’ll talk nonstop on your date. They’ll tell you their entire life story and ask you about everything, too. They can only be stopped by a kiss. Remember though, that obtaining consent is essential.


Cancers are thought to be homely quiet people, shaking at the mere thought of a noisy event. But they love to hang out, just on their own schedule. Their moods change frequently, going from wild and free to Thom Yorke. Sex, though, isn't affected: give just a hint and Cancer won't back down.

Scorpios might find it difficult to imagine staying with one partner for an extended period of time when there are so many interesting options nearby


Astrologers feel for you, and those who have had relationships with Leos advise treating them like a rock star, if you wanna succeed. Leo is a master of all sports, a business guru, an expert in Eastern philosophy, as well as a fantastic musician and dancer; The best lover, and knows all the best restaurants in town. On your first date, you learn all of this from him. If you want to continue — assent, and praise your new friend.


Wishing you luck if you plan to go on a date with a Virgo! You'll hook up with every other sign of the zodiac while you’re with them. Virgos tend to get depressed and introspective. However, if your date will go well, you'll let all your family members that you finally met one. But most probably, only you will think this.


You'll feel like you clicked on your first date. Libras can seduce and will adapt to anyone they are interested in, so be on the lookout. Plan dates where you won't run into friends and girlfriends because Libras like to feel attractive to everyone, and they might try to charm other people too.


Scorpio is considered to be the offspring of hell because Pluto, the gloomy ruler of the underworld, is said to rule this sign. However, you could accuse them of anything other than being hostile or cold. Scorpios are approachable and amenable to compromise. They are also proactive in their actions and always take the initiative. They enjoy having sex a lot and are likely to strip off during the first date. The only issue is that they find it difficult to imagine staying with one partner for an extended period of time when there are so many interesting options nearby.

Pisces get upset if their choice of food, music, or gift isn't appreciated. You'll need to adopt a butterfly persona  and fall in love with long-stemmed red roses


If there is a long-distance relationship in the picture, one of the partners is unquestionably a Sagittarius. Sagittarians are game for any adventure, including going on a blind date or having sex with a unicorn. Respect their independence and freedom. Sagittarius is yours if you keep it fun and don't pressure them.


How do you feel about living someone else's schedule? If that's okay, go for it. We warn you that you'll be scheduled to have lunch in a business center cafe, no partying, getting up at 6 am, and only responding to messages after work. What's not to understand? Time is money. However, Capricorns will become wildly aroused if you succeed better than them.


These consider themselves sophisticated intellectuals, even if they believe in the flat earth theory. Don't be intimidated; the topics of innovation and metabolic architecture are appropriate conversation starters on a first date.

Keep in mind that you are looking at Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll. Their sapiosexuality tones down when it comes to having sex. Aquarius is a wild animal in bed, we envy you.


Watching the sunset, or the dawn, taking hand-in-hand photos — don't bother if you're not ready for some vanilla play. You'll need to adopt a butterfly persona for a while and fall in love with long-stemmed red roses because Pisces gets upset if their choice of food, music, or gift isn't appreciated. What won’t one do for enjoyable sex!


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