Online Dating Etiquette: 5 Unspoken Rules to Know for You to Succeed

Online Dating Etiquette: 5 Unspoken Rules to Know for You to Succeed

You've got a match! But what now? Dive in and discover how to keep a conversation going, spark chemistry, and even turn your chats into dates. We based this guide on responses from our community, so you can get insights from real people who use Pure.

Here's what the Pure community says about digital etiquette:
  • 71% of respondents are turned off by lack of punctuation and poor grammar;
  • 85% think that quick replies are hot;
  • 57% don't enjoy paragraph texters. Keep your messages short and sweet — but send plenty;
  • 66% prefer audio calls to video chats;
  • 30% would love to meet the next day.
The grammar police are coming!

You might not think it's that important, but punctuation matters. According to our survey, 71% of respondents get annoyed when their match casually skips the question mark at the end of a question sentence or doesn't know the difference between "their" and "they're." 

You can trust us: "Can I get your number?" will get you further than "Can I get you're number."


Stay in touch

85% of respondents said that quick replies are a green flag. At the very least, it shows that your match is genuinely interested in getting to know you, and not just collecting likes or using you as a placeholder match — until someone more interesting comes along. Don't have time to respond now? Let them know: "So nice to hear from you! I'm a little busy right now, but I'll message you later and tell you all about it".

Feeling overwhelmed with too many likes and chats? Put on your spy hat to activate the Incognito mode. Your matches won't see that you've read their messages, and your ad will only be visible to those you already liked!

Keep it short and sweet

Up to 57% of Pure inhabitants prefer to send (and receive) several short, consecutive messages instead of one or two paragraphs. Shorter texts give the option to emphasize certain points or ensure your question was seen. Many stories are also best delivered gradually, rather than in one two screens-long message.

Pick up the phone

Video chats are a popular choice on Pure. However, we were not surprised to learn that 66% of the respondents prefer audio calls to video chats, especially if you're just getting to know each other. It's more comfortable than video, yet more entertaining than just chatting. We recommend trying video chat or messages before you meet in real life, or for communicating after a date.

Don't wait too long

Plan a date as early as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing interest — the initial excitement might wear off, and you'd be tempted to swipe around to see who else is there. Here's why we recommend scheduling that date as soon as you can — 74% of respondents believe that the ideal time for a date is within a week since you've matched. At least 44% would love for the date to take place in the next two days after matching, and as much as 30% would want to meet you within 24 hours after matching. Whew!

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