How to Find a Husband on Dating Apps: 5 Tips for Beginners

How to Find a Husband on Dating Apps: 5 Tips for Beginners

Ellie Parker, the author of the Telegram channel "Being Alone" claims that romantic dating app conversations can easily turn into wedding planning and your "They Lived Happily Ever After." The important thing is to get it right.


Trying to find a husband on a dating app?

And we mean not your actual, real-life husband, if you’re sneaking around on Pure. But a very real fiance, with whom you can live happily ever after. Yes, online dating often grows into something more. But be careful, you can't go far on one naive belief of falling in love after the first time you sleep together. Save the romantic vibes for your future dates - you’ll be one step closer to finding someone promising by reading this guide.


1. Pay attention to the descriptions

Many men on Pure are looking for more than a one-night stand. Moreover, they openly talk about it! "I want to fall in love", "No ONS", and "Let's see what happens" — are the clues to your future love story.

2. Take a closer look at your profile

Wanna know what frightens men and kills insects? Demanding, erratic, and greedy behavior. In terms of love life, I mean.  If you have an entire list of the qualities you want in a man, as well as a thorough plan for your future, try replacing them with something more friendly and spontaneous.

Guys love it when we crack jokes! Even if it's the silliest meme collection you usually send to your girlfriends, when you're online at 2 AM.

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3. Don't have sex on the first date

Welp, I think I'm about to be banned on Pure for saying this, but: I believe that a little celibacy, in the beginning, is a great warm-up teaser for a fun sequel. You'll have plenty of time to get laid for the rest of your long and happy lives.

4. Don't look for a potential husband, look for friends! (See point 2)

Where there are friends, there are friends of friends, and where there are friends of friends, there is even more choice than online profiles. It also works the other way: if you set yourself up to find a friend, you'll become more open in your conversations and attract more guys. Sexy and savvy.

5. Enjoy the choices

Contrary to reality, on Pure we have a gender bias working in the other direction. There's you, and there's plenty of fish in the sea (if you know what I mean). This situation is unique, and I recommend that you take full advantage of it!

They met on Pure and gave birth to “Cosmos”. The Real Love Story

Finding a husband on Pure may appear impossible. However, I know a girl who met someone special here a few years ago. The first date moved from a cafe to his couch, ending solely with all-night-long life talk and light petting. Everything important happened later - he proposed to her, and nine months later they gave the world little someone named Cosmos (aka Space). IMO, that’s a great name. I like to think that he has a bright, like stars, future ahead of him.

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The stop list: people you can't walk down the aisle with

How to Find a Husband on Dating Apps: 5 Tips for Beginners.6. 1

Here's your amulet against non-consensual nudes: look at the profiles and skip through if you see any of these:

  • ONS is an abbreviation for One Night Stand. He honestly warns you not to expect much more than that. Thank you, next!
  • 420, snowflakes and spouts emoji - beware, this man is no stranger to illegal substances! Personally, I don't think he's the best long-term partner, unless you're ready to take trips to rehab a few times a year;
  • "Married" - hopefully, we don't have to explain this, this just won't work;
  • Phrases like "Don't act like a princess, we all know why we're here" are a little toxic, even though the motive is not always wrong. Regardless, we all wanna feel special and desired, instead of being pushed to settle for less.

Ellie Parker


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