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06 January 2022

Your Best 2022 Dates: Starter Packs

Pure Team

New year - new dates. We’ve collected some of the common date scenarios for you and made them into starter packs that shouldn’t be taken seriously. The reason and the inspiration behind the idea? Well, our main 2022 resolution is to take ourselves (and life in general) a little less seriously. Feel free to join us on all the fun!

Ice Skating

For this perfect-romantic-winter-date, you’re going to need a lot of willpower, perseverance, resistance to cold weather, and enthusiasm. Remember the basics: keep your feet, head, and everything in between warm. Here’s the ideal continuation phrase to take the date indoors later: "We could go to mine - I’ll make hot chocolate”.

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Coffee Date

We will never get tired of repeating: the first date should be in a public place for safety reasons. You don’t have to overthink the scenario or dress up for this kind of date - it’s as casual as it gets. If you manage to hit it off with some common knowledge in music and memes - you’re good to go. They’re your match.

Didn’t Feel Like Going

Hey, we know how you feel. But don’t knock it till you try! You never know what adventures are awaiting you outside of your apartment. So, get out there. If you don’t feel like getting ready - that’s okay, too. Just head out. And in case you need some extra help - we have a dating guide for introverts here. 

After Work

Even the busiest of us sometimes want to unwind, have some fun, and go on a good ol’ date. But what if you just spent the entire day at the office or in Zoom meetings? Sharing precious fleeting post-work time with your match is not always the most optimal or reasonable choice, but it’s definitely possible if you want to make it happen. Also, you are 99.9% likely to discuss work troubles or complain about your boss.


No such thing as being overdressed. Or is there? Well, in these COVID times, we believe everyone could benefit from a little bit more burlesque and festivity in the everyday dullness. Worst case scenario: your match shows up in sweatpants and you’re completely mismatched, but even that won’t take away from your stunning outfit. Pair that confidence with your Jimmy Choo high heels if you feel like it.

Showered & Fresh

One moment you’re kinda fatigued and not in the mood for anything, let alone going on a date - but those magic 30 minutes under hot water accompanied by your favorite playlist can fix anything. Suddenly, you're Leo from The Wolf of Wall Street, and the world is yours to take. Mountain freshness, sea breeze, and whatever else they show in deodorant ads… Everything applies.

After Gym

Another one in the category of “couldn’t find a better time”. Well, this is actually not a bad idea - a dopamine rush after a good workout can help you tune in to the date with a top-notch attitude, the appetite for dinner and dessert is already taking its toll, and you’re making it obvious to your match that wellness is your priority. Talk about two birds with one stone. You're doing everything right!

Come For Dinner, I’ll Cook

Hell’s Kitchen - and you’re the host today. Feel like surprising your match with something special? If you’re confident in your cooking skills, then, of course, go ahead. If your skills are on average and below scale, we believe it’s better to keep it simple and stick to easy recipes - those won’t let you down. For the most neurotic and anxious of us, it's better to save homecooked dinner plans for second dates: otherwise, you’re risking over-exhausting yourself in the kitchen, and that make-sure-everything-is-perfect fatigue is unlikely to lead to a good pastime. Although, it all depends on what the follow-up is going to be. 

Cancelled Last Minute

So, you got ready, you waited, maybe even fantasized about a wonderful time with your match - and there it is. A fateful and nonchalant "I’m so sorry - I can’t make it tonight" message. The glass is half full if you’re positive enough: now you’re free to stay in, unwind, and rewatch your favorite sitcom in solitude. But unpleasant emotions and hurt are still there - we understand and sympathize. Don’t forget that last-minute cancellations happen to the best of us, so it’s not your fault in any way!

Did I Get Stood Up?

Being late is one thing. It's quite different, though, when being late turns into second-guessing everything by the minute, and the time freezes. Are they going to show up? Are you being fooled right now? We suggest you avoid people who do this at all costs. Unfortunately, there’s no proven way to identify these people prior to the actual date. Therefore, by trial and error, we still dive into the dating world with the conscious understanding that this stuff happens all the time, and that’s okay. We don't take it to heart or wallow in self-pity - we simply don't give second chances. Cheers!

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