Common 10 myths about sex debunked

Common 10 myths about sex debunked

Katya Shaposhnikova

In ancient times, people believed in the possibility of becoming pregnant through rain and wind, among other absurdities that we, modern age people, laugh at. We used to believe in science and consider ourselves to be progressive, but some sex myths persist. Pure recalls the sex myths that, to our delight, we were able to debunk in order to make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

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A lot of partners is a sure way to contract sexual infections

It is not about the quantity. Everyone has different needs for the frequency of intimate contact and the variety of sexual experiences. In this regard, hygiene and contraception are crucial. If you run tests, practice good hygiene, and always — without exception — protect yourself, the number of sexual partners you have is entirely up to you. No one has the right to slut-shame or even question the amount of partners someone might have.

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Sex toys can have an impact on your relationship with your partner

It is obvious from where this myth originated. The vibrator has a nearly one hundred percent guarantee of bringing you to orgasm, and almost no partner can provide you with such a guarantee. However, statistics show that sex gadgets do not cause addiction or rejection of real relationships. Previously, the same was said about masturbation in general, regardless of whether it is a shower stimulation or a manual method. Many people have heard frightening stories about blindness and hairy hands, but these are simply urban legends.

When sexting became popular, the same accusations were leveled against it. However, masturbation with or without objects will only help you get to know yourself and your body, and bring to life the right fantasies for you.

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Frequent sex is the key to a good relationship

It is widely assumed that married couples should have sex, if not every day, then at least several times per week. In fact, there is no such thing as a universal quantity. Some couples can go months without having sex while enjoying each other's company, family dinners, and household chores. And this is natural — desire is required for sex, and it does not magically appear solely because society has decided that it is appropriate. The University of Mississauga in Toronto conducted a study with 25,510 Americans aged 18 to 89 to determine the relationship between happiness and sexual intercourse frequency. The happiest couples have sex once a week, according to research.

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Sex burns calories and can replace physical activity

I'd like for it to be so. However, the average duration of sexual intercourse is six to ten minutes, and an adult requires about two hours of physical activity per week. Who has sex 12 times a week? Men lose about 100 kcal per sexual act, while women lose 69. Even for minor weight loss, this is insufficient.

Men are more prone to casual relationships than women

This common gender stereotype is found primarily in patriarchal societies. Women are just as prone to casual relationships as men, and as we know, they are more likely to receive offers to have sex with a stranger. Another factor is that in some cultures, it’s socially unacceptable, so women engage in casual contact only if they believe they can avoid condemnation. In 2011, the University of Michigan conducted research on how much women and men are interested in casual contacts without obligations. It was discovered that, if guaranteed safety is provided, women are just as open to a one-night stand as men.

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Oral sex is safe

Not at all — in any process where there is an exchange of fluids, there is a risk of infection. Microscopic wounds in the mouth that you may not know about, insufficient oral hygiene, or even the absence of signs of infection can lead to herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, chlamydia, and papillomavirus. Another well-known myth says that sexual infections have visible symptoms. In fact, only regular testing can guarantee safety, since many diseases have hidden symptoms.

Only men watch porn

Rather, on the contrary, the adult film industry itself serves the male population to a greater extent. But this does not mean that women do not watch porn and that their arousal is different from men's. There is a slight difference in the focus of attention: according to Indiana State University sexologists, 70% of heterosexual men focus on the actress in the frame, and 80% of women focus on both partners. Otherwise, there are no differences. People watch porn to expand their horizons, fantasize about what does not exist in real life, and experience new sensations.

Everyone is having sex

The decision to have sex is a personal choice. If someone does it, or even you yourself have done it several times in your life, it is absolutely not necessary to continue. Anyone may not be ready for sexual contact, and sometimes they just may not need it. Of course, there are only 1% of asexual people in the world, but this is enough to consider the rejection is normal. For great sex, it’s consent, mutual respect, and pleasure that are important, and not what the others might think.

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You can not use condoms if you are allergic to latex

It's the 21st century, and, thanks to progress, there is latex-free contraception. Almost every brand has a line of anti-allergenic products that create the effect of a second skin and do not cause allergic reactions. These are new-generation products that are designed specifically for people with high sensitivity. Therefore, even in the case of an acute reaction to any kind of rubber, you should not forget about safety — you always have a choice.

You can only be a hetero, homo or bi

That is such a heteronormative view of sex life, and we should've abandoned it a long time ago. There is a huge spectrum of human sexuality, which does not always fit even into the Kinsey scale, invented specifically to describe it. Gender identity and sexual orientation can be defined or fluid, and can also change with age or due to other internal factors. We are complex creatures, so the transformation of the athlete Bruce Jenner into the fragile Caitlyn Jenner should not surprise or shock anyone. If you think you’re straight and only straight — you have every right to think so. Provided that you recognize the right of others to self-determination of their identity, no matter what it might be.

Some curiosities on the subject:

  • in China, India, South America, and Europe at various times there was a myth that poisonous snakes could hide in the vagina;
  • in some parts of Asia, it is still believed that ejaculation weakens a man and can lead to early aging;
  • Giovanni Boccaccio in the pamphlet "The Raven" warned men against copulating with thin women, as they can "take away their strength"; 
  • until the beginning of the XXI century, it was believed that tantrums are peculiar only to women and originate from "uterine rabies";
  • the ancient Romans believed that if a woman did not have an orgasm, then there could be no conception.

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