Top Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Online Dating Scams

Top Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Online Dating Scams

We think of Pure as the safest dating platform today, and many of our users agree with us! Screenshotting is disabled for private chats and photos in it, self-destructing pictures that you send, and we disable the screen recordings of the ad Feed. But scammers never rest - they still manage to cheat the systems and blackmail users anywhere, on any platform. Here are two real fraud schemes which online users still fall for. Technically, they are impossible to bypass, because the scammers may turn out to be real people. But there are ways to protect yourself and leave sexy internet nymphs without income.

Fraud Scheme #1: Sexting worth a Million

Imagine this: You get a like from a gorgeous brunette. You hit it off right away, start flirting, and life seems pretty great.

  • She uses sexy icebreakers like it’s her job: "I'm so wet right now. And this chair is very uncomfortable. Do you mind if I sit on your face instead?". She then offers to switch to video chat here in Pure and get frisky.
  • To make you trust her, she’ll send you a nude with her face on it. And you fall for it. The photo has a verification checkmark, meaning it’s real and was taken through the Pure’s camera. Except the check mark is photoshopped and as fake as her intentions for you :(
  • To build trust, she might share her Instagram profile with you. 
  • Now, you've started a video chat on Pure, but you can’t see anything - it’s pitch black. She says she wants to do it discreetly and quietly, as her sister is napping in the same room. But that doesn’t apply to you - take off your clothes and don't hide your face.
  • She’ll then ask you to switch to FaceTime or WhatsApp with a bogus reason: the app crashes, etc. You’re intrigued but also about to find out why it’s happening. 
  • So you give in, and FaceTime her. Your pants are below your knees, and you cannot contain excitement. What a day!
  • And then your “too good to be true” match starts blackmailing you. She asks for money; otherwise, she’ll send your nudes to all your contacts, which she already has access to - even your mom.

So how did she take screenshots of your nudes or record the screen? After all, in Pure, photos self-destruct after viewing, no one can take screenshots, and you’re notified if someone even tries.

Sadly, it’s very simple. Using the second phone, someone can snap a picture of the screen or record it. Technology doesn't allow anyone to get around that just yet.


How to stay safe in these situations?

  • Never EVER send nudes with a face or identifying features like birthmarks or a “Carpe Diem” tattoo on your chest. Don't show your face on a steamy video call.
  • Do not switch to other messengers and social networks when sexting - accessing your contacts through them is easy. If your match insists you do, it's definitely a red flag - send a report to our support: click on the three dots under the ad and then "Report." Then, delete the chat conversation.

Remember: Pure has everything that you need for successful connection - text, voice notes, video messages, audio and video chat, and even stickers

  • To confirm that the person you’ve been chatting with is real, insist on a video call with clothes on. Not a pre-recorded video message, but an actual call. Chances are, if it's not a gorgeous, lonely girl but a pathetic scammer, they won’t agree.
Top Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Online Dating Scams.2. 1

Fraud Scheme #2: Bill scams and nudes

Say, your match turned out to be a real person and you’ve met. You’re still unsure if her name is real, but you can’t ID your date - that’s a little weird. Here are two more ways things could go wrong.

Bills scam. Your date is hungry, thirsty, and almost fainting. They look well off, so you’re not suspicious, and you head to this great new restaurant they love. The menu looks great, and the cocktails are delicious. Except there are no prices, but you’re too charmed to notice. When you see the bill, your date flees the scene and it turns out that you need to pay 1,000$ for that bottle of wine and another 500$ for your date’s salad. You’re pressured and threatened to pay it and leave with an empty wallet. But everyone else is happy - the restaurant thrives, and your date earned their commission.

How not to fall victim to this scam? Make sure to suggest a place you’ve been to before. Or even give your date a couple of options to choose from. And if they’re insisting on one particular place, look up the reviews for it on Tripadvisor and Google. Often, scammers conspire with bartenders and servers in scammy places to lure in more customers

Nudes blackmail. You had a lovely dinner, the bill was acceptable, and the date went great. You tell your friends that you've met the one. After some time, your match asks you to Facetime. You get frisky and let yourself go. And then she turns into a monster from the first scenario and starts threatening to send your nudes to everyone in your contact list, including your parents and manager, who certainly won’t appreciate that. Unless you pay up.

We know you won’t fall for this scam now that you know what could happen. And even in the safest environments, don't forget to protect yourself. No technology can protect you from everything that’s out there in the world

Stas Sarkisov


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