5 Proven Tips for Dealing With Jealousy While Dating

5 Proven Tips for Dealing With Jealousy While Dating

Jealousy can hurt us at any point in our relationships, but especially when you're just getting to know someone while going on dates, it can prevent you from discovering if someone really matches you. To navigate this during the dating phase, keep these useful Pure tips in mind.

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Tune in for the best

The first and most important rule: do not project your fears onto others. People who tend to be anxious about all the ways things can go wrong, seem to unconsciously influence the course of their relationships. Train yourself to be healthy and positive. Do not doubt your attractiveness, do not exaggerate your shortcomings. Confidence kills jealousy.

Pure — for free spirits

Pure is a community built by open and free people. At Pure, you can be yourself. We break down barriers and thaw the ice of awkwardness.

Be open

If you have a history of trust issues, it's nothing reprehensible about mentioning it. When you’re open about your struggle, it leaves a favorable impression. Be open about what offends or triggers you. If a person is sympathetic, they will take note of it. Don't be afraid that this might alienate a Match. We’re sure you can admit that a person who ignores your feelings and needs is not a great match for dating.

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Occupy yourself

Instead of wondering where and with whom your match is at all times, go to the gym. It is proven that the less free time a person has and the better he feels, this also lowers the probability of jealousy emerging. Language courses, swimming pool, bike rides, programming school — the list of activities is endless. If you get yourself a couple of certificates instead of harassing yourself with negative thoughts, your development will not only benefit, but it will also boost your self-esteem. Besides this, versatile people are much more attractive.

Curiosities of the subject

  • In general, 15-20% of people have a pathological form of jealousy that is very similar in its symptoms to severe psychosis.
  • Approximately 3-5% of people are psychologically incapable of being jealous.
  • According to statistics, 20% of crimes are committed on the basis of jealousy.
  • Partners under 30 are twice as likely to be jealous as middle-aged and elderly people.

Don't justify yourself

If you convince yourself that it's okay to flare up like a match when an old friend hugs your potential mate, we have bad news: this isn’t as normal as you would think. Don’t get angry at likes on social networks or conversations with others on Pure — You and your date are independent individuals, You are both seeking, and the main factor for search is freedom. Until you have agreed on an exclusive relationship, you are not obliged to report to each other. Give freedom to your partner and free yourself.

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Go on dates in a good mood

If you’re having a bad day, it is better to reschedule your date. Troubles affect our self-esteem and can put us in a bad mood, our shadow side can sometimes get the best of us. You need rest, not stress. Otherwise, any little thing can become a trigger and cause an attack of anger or jealousy. Explain everything to Match as it is—everyone has a bad day sometimes. Having rested from problems, you will open a Pure, full of positivity and hope.

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