How to get more matches and likes on Pure

How to chat on Pure Dating App

Data doesn’t lie: You can increase the chance of striking a chat up to 100% and get as many likes as you want without hard work. Simply follow our instructions, and you will find people to chat with through the night or plan crazy adventures within a matter of hours. Now how does that sound?

Pay more attention to your Profile

Adding your height, age, gender, and sexuality will speed up the matching. Even with a photo, adding small details will help your match get a better idea about you. People can visualize anything, even if it isn't really there. If you don't include minor details like height, your new date might greet you like: “Oh, I thought you were taller.”

In general, we find that our users often use specific filters in the Feed. So, yes, even height is essential for someone, and we’re sure you have your mind set on something like age or sexuality, too. After all, we’re only humans!

Pure dating — anything but boring!

Get the best out of the ad space

How to get more matches and likes on Pure.1. 1

Grammar and spelling are always nice to have! Use the ad space to talk about what you’re here for. What kind of person do you seek? How will you spend your time together? Make sure to put it in your ad.

If you are matching for sexting, or any online fun, be sure to mention this. Someone 800 km away will be more likely to reply if your goals on the dating app align. Boom, it’s a match!

Get creative. Our community is known for its clever, yet insightful ads. We have prepared a guide on how to write the best ads — read it here.

Pure tip. Talk about what you want, but skip talking about people or practices that repel you. You’ll sound like a hater — and that’s not sexy!

Add photos to your ad

How to get more matches and likes on Pure.1. 2

It is not necessary to upload an ID scan, so that everyone understands that you are you. We’re all for anonymity and security. Hide your face, play with shadows, or simply crop it off, if you want to shift focus to your body. Any photo without a face, as long as it’s yours, is better than a Medieval meme image.

Mention in your profile that you are ready to send photos with the first message and/or have a video call when you’re ready. Even if you don’t have a photo with your face, this will increase the chances of a match — your potential match will know that he/she/they will not have to waste time persuading you to send a few pics.

Pure tip. You can upload photos to Pure Album directly from the camera and store them as long as you’d like, so they don’t appear in the smartphone gallery

Add your Turn-Ons

How to get more matches and likes on Pure.2. 1

You will see three sections on your profile page: ads, photos, and Turn-Ons. They were created to simplify your life, so you don’t have to cram everything you like in one ad and answer the same questions over and over again.

Tap on the Turn-Ons that you practice or want to try to add them. You can add anything you want: kissing, massages, oral sex, or foot fetish. 

In both Feed and the “Devil's Bones” you can filter and match by the Turn-Ons and only chat with those, who are on the same page as you.

98% of Pure users are adding Turn-Ons to their profile. We’re constantly updating the list of Turn-Ons, so you can always add more things you want to try

Try extra features

How to get more matches and likes on Pure.3. 1

Gifts. Send gifts, so you don’t have to wait for a mutual like. Your message will definitely get noticed! When sending a gift, attach a voice, a photo, or a note. Please don’t send nudes — the eggplant season here is so over! Only send nudes in the chat and after your chat partner gives active consent.

Instant chat. This feature is available for men with Pure on Android or web versions. It allows you to message any user right away — there’s no need to wait for a mutual match. This is the best feature for users, who don’t like to wait and daredevils.

King of the Hill. Get your ad on the top of the Feed for maximum visibility until someone else throws you off the throne. It is a great feature to get more exposure and likes - you’ll get up to 50%~ more of them. Tried and tested!

Pure Combo. Get a discount as big as your heart. Try multiple features and find the right one for you.

Gift and Instant chat increase your chances of getting a chat from 48%~ to almost 100%~

Try playing “Devil’s Bones”

How to get more matches and likes on Pure.4. 1

Experience dating with the speed of light in the “Devil’s Bones” game. These are audio- and video- chats with strangers around the world. There’s no waiting for an answer — chat and get to know each other here and now. Matching in the game can also be filtered — set your filter while in the game, and only reach people who share similar interests.

Get online at the prime time

Plenty of people on Pure filter users by those, who are online. And all in all, the more often you are seen, the more chances you have to strike up a chat — people tend to “window shop” in online dating apps, and not everyone decides to send likes and chat the first time they see someone.

Pure tip.  The best time to be on Pure is Friday evening, Sunday morning, and Wednesdays. Surprisingly, there are more women and pre-weekend planners in the middle of the week. Friday evenings are full of adventure seekers, but Sunday morning is a great time to prepare for brunch, a hot weekend date, or plan for the next week

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