You're crazy about your new crush: How to stop worrying

You're crazy about your new crush: How to stop worrying

That wonderful stage you’ve waited for has finally come: Butterflies flutter in your stomach, your heart beats faster, and a new match seems ideal. Congratulations! The catch is that a new love persona should not diminish the quality of your life, but improve it. Pure, as always, will help you get there.

You're crazy about your new crush: How to stop worrying.0. 1

Let yourself feel

To fall in love is beautiful and worth experiencing. Do not shake your head and deny yourself a strong feeling just because a previous relationship failed. The more sensual experiences you have, the more attractive you can become as a partner. The only thing to avoid here is — to try to not cultivate negative feelings. Do not worry unnecessarily — it's pointless. Anxiety will not help you find out whether you are suitable for each other or not. This can only be found out through experience and time.

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Approach everything critically

Yes, your match may fascinate you with their perfection. But let us not fool ourselves: there are no living gods, only humans. It makes no sense to put anyone at the center of your universe. Look closer, get to know them better, and you will see their weaknesses and shortcomings — everyone has them. You need to decide whether you actually want to be with an ordinary person, that's hiding behind a muscular figure and sensual lips.

You're crazy about your new crush: How to stop worrying.2. 1

Strive for efficiency

Falling in love distorts our reality. We pay more attention to the details that we would not have noticed before. The loving brain often finds fault with a random item, distrusts it, and gets angry about the little things. This is ineffective behavior based on negativity. A toxic attitude narrows the scope of your interests — they revolve only around the object of admiration, and this is a direct path to addiction.

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Curiosities on the subject

  • Dopamine and serotonin, two hormones associated with love, have analgesic properties.
  • The release of cortisol and adrenaline by the adrenal glands causes butterflies in the stomach.
  • People tend to fall in love more frequently in bad situations.
  • All receptors become more irritable when someone is falling in love, making food and drink look more appetizing.
You're crazy about your new crush: How to stop worrying.4. 1

Don't worry too much

Forget what doesn't depend on you. Problems are an invaluable experience on the way to happiness. Even if something goes wrong, you'll gain, not lose. If you spend your time asking "Does he like me?", "Is he serious?", "Why doesn't he call?", there will be no time to enjoy the relationship. Anxiety interferes with pleasure, especially when there's nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes a person disappears from your life without explanation. This is called ghosting, and we know all about it. Read our article about it here.

Stop waiting

Seizing the moment is an amazing skill. Just as it is not worth living in the past, it is not worth living in an ideal future. Do not wait for the best moment for recognition, a good day to meet your parents, do not expect your partner to change and then you will definitely start living together, do not focus on dreams waiting for the day you'll start making millions and the crush will be yours forever. Enjoy what you have. You will be surprised by how enjoyable life is that seemed so ordinary.

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