♂: 4 tips for taking a sexy photo that isn't a dick pic

4 ways to take a sexy photo, that is not a dick pic

In an age where individuals consume each other with no second thoughts, where carnal and intimate exchanges seem more accessible than ever, and where bodies, however numerous, are celebrated and displayed, it may seem difficult to stand out. How difficult is it to arouse envy without actually falling into the pitfall of the exhibition?

However, if a dick pic can convey tenderness, sensuality, and excitement, it would be a shame to limit the sharing of the “virtual self” to this format, which in the heat of the moment, can lose the seduction element. 

As we are not all prolific behind a lens, we asked a few male sexting enthusiasts for advice they would like to share with the world about taking sexy pictures when identifying as male. 

♂: 4 tips for taking a sexy photo that isn't a dick pic.0. 1

"Rather than full-frontal, go for partial nude, show the areas of your body you're most proud of, the ones that can arouse curiosity without showing too much!" - Alice, 28

To increase the heat without revealing too much ( at the risk of spoiling the surprise), think of putting forward the most erotic parts of your body, those which are evocative and make you want to see more. Your neck, pectorals... so many possibilities to explore that can help you push the haste of your partner to the limit!

Pure dating — anything but boring!

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"The suggestion is much more pleasant than the full exhibition; play, gentlemen, with the shade and the light. Evoke the birth of the thing, that’s more than the thing itself." - Laurent, 32

Rather than going for silly (and often nasty) frontal photography, consider playing with shadows, which are more sensual than close-ups. Light games, shadow puppets, night nudes. The only limit to creativity (and excitement) will be your imagination. So use it with passion and let your desire speak, and we have no doubt that the results will be up to your ardor.  

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"Share your face, your look can be VERY telling if it shows that you feel sexy and sensual." - Elia, 43

Frankly, taming your gaze requires an innate ease, or at least a few practice sessions. Once you've mastered the exercise, the ability to convey emotion, desire, and confidence with a simple look will add a seductive depth to your photos (as well as your face-to-face) that may even make you forget about shirtless selfies and other gym photos. 

♂: 4 tips for taking a sexy photo that isn't a dick pic.2. 2

"Think mouth! It's the most sensual ‘visible’ part of your body, it's where half the seduction happens." - Agénor, 22 years old

From the lascivious pose, the outline of the lower lip, to the close-up of your “Colgate smile”, the possibilities to highlight it are endless, and you should not neglect them. The engine of speech (and verbal seduction), oral pleasure, and endless kisses, your mouth is one of your main physical assets, don't forget it!

Now, go get your camera, and have fun.

Odilon Duval-Robert


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