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30 September 2021

Netflix and Chill: the perfect picks for your night in

Nikita Denisov

“Wanna come over for some Netflix & chill?” – a lot of Pure stories start off somewhere along these lines, though the ‘chill’ part often takes over the ‘Netflix’ sooner than intended. Still, there’s something special and bonding about winding down with someone under the blankets accompanied by a really good TV show, fully shifting into the cinematic reality of your choice. Once you’re inspired enough, you can proceed to the bedroom. Nikita Denisov, the Cabernet Cinemá channel creator, selected ten shows that guarantee a great experience for your next at-home date.


If someone asked me which Ryan Murphy’s show is the dirtiest, I wouldn’t have to think twice. Set in the 1940s, the plot doesn’t shy away from showing us all the grace and glory of car wash workers seducing rich ladies for mortgage money. Or a story of an influential producer that can grant you celebrity status, only you’d have to reward him physically.

Gossip Girl

A fashionable reboot that is quite different from the original Gossip Girl, this time centered around a new-age Gen Z group. The only trouble these kids go through is the constant drama of who’s sleeping with who and how many likes they can get on Instagram. There are “adults” on the show, too: drinking wine and reminiscing on the original GG characters – insert “Gen Z NOT approved” stamp here.

Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones showed us superhero intimacy way before ‘The Boys’ did it. Imagine this: a retired superhero living in a cheap apartment, working part-time as a detective, and never letting herself get bored. Her exes are superheroes too, of course, so whenever they get in the bedroom – the whole town can feel it too, rest assured.

Happy End 

Can Russians make good NSFW cinema? Of course, they can. Let Happy End be the living proof for this statement. We get exposed to the dark side of the webcam industry and its intricacies. Two teenagers as the main characters running away to the city so they can escape a dealer and get into adult work. Fancy parties, luxuries, and illegal substances – everything is as candid as it gets.


Do you happen to be a secret BDSM fan? This one’s for you then! In Bonding, we get transported to a fascinating story about a young guy going into apprenticeship under a dominatrix. She’s a student during the day, a mistress when the sun goes down. The episode length is around 15 minutes – that is just asking for a binge-watch. Don’t be surprised if you get inspired to try something new after seeing the show.

Mrs. Fletcher

Fun after 45 – no longer? A common misconception the main character would beg to differ! After sending off her son to college, she decides to step onto the path of self-search and downloads a dating app. Vibrators, younger guys, dramatic plot – thrill is an understatement. When’s the next season out?


What is a teenager coming home from rehab for substance use going to do? You guessed it – using more and partying harder, of course. Your peek into the life of complex teenagers: intoxication and morning regrets are a given, but you’re also shown true love and intense emotions as a bonus.

Pure pick: The One

Distant future time: an AI system picks the perfect partner for you. No errors or bugs, the algorithms are spot on. But what do you do with families falling apart? What if The One for you tragically dies? Will you ever find someone to love again? Real life is way more complicated than any AI could predict, after all. Not to mention, the AI creator’s life is the most dramatic of them all. A must watch, but for your own purposes it’s much better to meet people the good old way – on Pure!


A British guide to polygamy. How to schedule dates, how to do your honeymoon right, and especially how to tell your parents you’re dating two people at once – Trigonometry got you covered through and through. In case you need a proper and simpler guide, we have one here!


Ironic and heartfelt mini-series that never stops breaking the fourth wall. You’re not just watching the main character run errands (like going to church and adult shops), you’re right there with her! In just two seasons, Fleabag takes an intense spin from a playful comedy to a painfully relatable, candid drama about life and relationships.

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