The best days for dating. Plot twist: according to astrologers

The best days for dating. Plot twist: according to astrologers

Katya Shaposhnikova

You can mock astrology all you want, but when a match ghosts you and you never hear back, there's no other explanation than Mercury retrograde. Pure reveals which days of the week astrologers believe are ideal for dating. Just wait, we'll be able give you a tarot reading soon!

The best days for dating. Plot twist: according to astrologers.0.0


We now understand why Pure is so popular on Fridays. Venus who’s the goddess of love in many cultures, is the patron of this day. She is Freya in the Nordic tradition, Aphrodite in the ancient, Lakshmi in the Indian, and Paraskeva in the Slavic. You have a good chance of meeting someone on this day - a single person, or a couple. The starts (and our stats) are never wrong.

Exceptions: Astrologers warn that Mercury retrograde is always a hindrance to romantic relationships. So a retrograde Friday is totally an excuse to spend the day alone at home. Do some sexting or hang out in the audio and video chats while playing Devil's Bones.

The best days for dating. Plot twist: according to astrologers.1.0

New Moon

This is an excellent time to experiment. Bold practices in bed, ONS, sex in public - go ahead, noone will judge you. New moon for the win! According to astrologers, the Moon will be in a different zodiac sign each month in 2022: June 29th in Cancer, July 28th in Leo, August 27th in Virgo, September 25th in Libra, October 25th in Scorpio, November 23rd in Sagittarius, and December 23rd in Capricorn. Take time off from work and enjoy!

Exceptions: lunar eclipses or, even worse, the eclipse corridor of the Sun and Moon. It's best not to schedule a date these days because it mightl get canceled, the bar will overcharge you, and the hotel bed will be squeaky. It's not you, it's the planets!

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A good day for your sign

In 2022, every sign will have a certain day when they can do anything . The planets will align favorably just for you. Though, this can only be calculated individually. You can either follow the forecasts or have a chat with an astrologer. That's some badass behavior: we’re sure you haven’t looked into your sex prognosis before.

Exceptions: The Moon without a course is one of them. These are brief periods lasting couple of hours or a few dozen minutes when the Moon has left the previous sign but has not yet entered the next. It's best not to plan hookups at this time - but you can wait it out together.

Curiosities on the subject:

  • Your zodiac sign has no impact on your astrological compatibility. It is however influenced by the Moon and Sun in your horoscope, as well as the asteroid belt between Mars, Jupiter and Chiron comet;
  • There is no proven effect of the full moon on romantic feelings;
  • Astrology was prohibited in the Soviet Union.

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