How to trust each other in a relationship

How to trust each other in a relationship

In any relationship advice magazine, people will always tell you that the foundation of a strong connection is built on trust. But why do 90% of couples break up because of the absence of trust? Catch Pure’s tips here, so we can keep this statistic from rising.


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Think about the reasons

Naturally, there will be a passage about "everything emerged from childhood." Perhaps the adults in the family had trust issues or were dealing with their children's emotional burdens. Exploring the past allows you to pinpoint the source of some problems and discover that they do not correspond with the present.

If you were then exposed to betrayal as an adult, it is entirely natural to feel anger, pain, and frustration again. Untreated injuries distort your perception of reality and cause you to look for a double bottom, attracting even more trouble. It is absurd to give up trust simply because someone has violated it. Assume you purchased a sex toy that falls short of your expectations. You're not going to stop buying sex toys, are you?

Analyze the hidden motives

Everyone needs to know that they are loved exactly as they are. However, it should always begin within ourselves. We all have our motivations, so why do we seek such assurance in a relationship? Is it possibly due to a fear of loneliness? Perhaps because all of your friends are in committed relationships? Is it because your partner possesses something you desire? If all three answers are "no," everything should be fine.

Consider the objective reasons for your partner's lack of trust. Perhaps he or she requires your money, connections, or property. Though, there is no reason for being suspicious, especially if you lack these. Of course, no one is immune to betrayal, but you have to try to see good in people.

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Get rid of illusions

Trust is a skill. It really shouldn't be associated with made-up expectations. If a partner does not rush to return your calls or texts because they are busy, this does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. It's one thing if they've made certain commitments & promised something. Groundless projections, on the other hand, are something... different. Meeting your expectations is not their responsibility.

Stop thinking about everything in the "forever" format. Your partner confesses their love right now; no one knows if it will be relevant in a month. Everything is constantly changing, which is not an excuse for constant "testing." It's simple to lose trust, and nearly impossible to gain back.

Pure dating — no expectations, no limits


Respect your personal space

Including your partner's space. Trust can only be developed in a secure and comfortable environment. If you fight aggressively, one of you tries to control the other or enforces bans, your healthy relationship is over. Everyone should be able to spend time with their loved ones, as well as spend time on themselves. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, without cursing or drama. Allow yourself and others freedom, don't get hung up on thoughts like "Where are you and why aren't you replying?". Express feelings without making accusations. If you don't like something, talk about it instead of making it an argument. This is the only way to learn to trust someone you care about.
а не превращай в скандал. Только так можно научиться доверять любимому человеку.

Speak up

Don't leave it to others to guess your desires; express them. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable if you truly want to gain trust. Tell us about your worries, doubts, and flaws in the relationship. The more you discuss your needs, the faster and closer you will get. Of course, the process should be mutual: if your partner avoids the conversation, consider whether it's time to leave. It is extremely difficult to learn to trust someone in such a scenario.

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Practice self-confidence

Stand in front of the mirror and recite: you are an adult, independent, and capable of meeting all of your needs, including sexual ones; the foundation of your life's success is you, not someone else.

There is no guarantee that the partner will correct the faults, remain faithful to you, and meet your expectations. However, if there is no way out, you have the personal capacity to deal with problems and survive a breakup. You'll always have you, so breathe out.

In the subject

  • One of Ernest Hemingway's most memorable quotes: "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."
  • We frequently base our trust decisions on appearance. People with broad faces, for example, are less trustworthy because they appear more aggressive.
  • The same hormone, oxytocin, is responsible for both trust and love.
  • Because society believes that men cheat more frequently, women have a higher level of trust than men.

So, you have reached an unprecedented level of trust. We don't want to scare you, but there are 9 more relationship destroyers. Read our scary list here.

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