Alone on Valentine's Day: 7 Fun Things To Do

Alone on Valentine's Day: 7 Fun Things To Do

Single on Valentine’s Day? It can be hard to not get discouraged. But worry not — we got you. Here are some tips that will come in handy — and not just on the 14th. Positive feelings guaranteed!

Some people hate being single. Others couldn’t care less. Either way, Valentine’s Day is approaching — the one day of the year where every Instagram ad, every storefront (online and offline), and even your loved ones can’t seem to stop reminding you that you are, in fact, alone. Don’t even get us started on the heteronormativity of the holiday — that’s going to take an article of its own. It’s hard to not get annoyed and feel inadequate around this time of the year — and don’t worry, most of us singles are in the same boat. Some might say “get over it, it’s not even a big deal”. But some of us do care. So, what do you do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day?

Treat yourself

You’ve heard this a thousand times and by now you’re probably rolling your eyes and resisting the urge to gag when you hear anything revolving around self-care. But, trust me, it’s the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day.Hey, it’s not our fault — blame corporations for reframing the concept into something that can be sold. Self-care is actually very important — and I’m not talking about the face-mask-green-smoothie kind. I’m talking about doing anything that makes you genuinely happy. Something that aligns with your wishes and needs. Going to bed at 9 pm? Great. Dressing up to take pictures and pretend you’re going out? That works, too. Watching something with a 15% Rotten Tomatoes rating just for fun? It’s all self-care. It doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or anything out of your ordinary routine. It boils down to a concept as simple as pretending you’re dating yourself: what would you do for your partner to make them happy? Great, now go and do that for yourself.


Singles roll call 

You’ve got the perfect opportunity to hit up all your single friends, acquaintances, even family members — we mean anyone who isn’t too busy cuddling up with their significant other on the 14th. Even better if you manage to gather a few people and organize some Valentine’s Day (and not just Valentine’s Day) activities together — anything from a bar crawl to a dinner party. Call it the Single’s Day. As corny as it sounds, connection doesn’t have to be romantic — having people you enjoy being around is just enough to make this day as special as ever. Think about it this way: if Valentine’s Day is about love, as long as you love the people around you — you’ve got something to celebrate! Cheers to that. 

Your relationship status is never an indication of your worth

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Be a hater if you want 

What about the hatred in your heart concept for Valentine’s Day? In a world full of toxic positivity and people exaggerating their own happiness for the sake of social approval, I’m all for being a hater. It’s okay to hate happy couples and their corny social media captions. It’s okay to hate-watch romcoms and laugh at the cliche storylines. It’s okay to share memes making fun of marriage, relationships, and happy endings. It’s also okay to hate this guide and feel like it’s not helping you at all — I’m taking full responsibility here. Anger is actually a perfectly healthy emotion! So, here’s your permission to mute whatever is annoying you. Not forever, of course. Just for Valentine’s — as a treat.

Digital detox

In case being a hater doesn’t work for you, opt for something better: give yourself a social media-free day. First, you won’t be seeing those campaigns and everyone posting their bouquets and questionable-looking boyfriends. Second, you are showing yourself respect by being present in the moment and devoting your precious time to something more useful and necessary. Social media is always so fake, ugh. Last, you’re no longer falling into the corporate scheme trying to persuade you into buying something you absolutely don’t need in the name of cheering yourself up (and if you do — that’s totally okay, too — happens to the best of us!). Out of sight, out of mind.

Flirt away on Pure

You would be surprised how many people are feeling the exact same way you are. And where are they, especially on Valentine’s Day? On dating apps, of course. On Pure, more specifically — where everything happens quicker and you won’t be wasting the day on small talk and shallow conversation. Whether you want to have a flirty chat or actually meet up IRL and have an amazing time — don’t be afraid to voice your intentions and find someone who’s riding the same wave.

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Work it out

Whether you’re an avid gym lover or an occasional “10-minute walk is cardio, too” type of person, it’s no secret exercise releases endorphins — and they are going to come in handy on this day. Bonus points if you opt for something you’ve never tried before: aerial yoga, stretching, CrossFit, or a contemporary dance class. Especially if you live in a big city — there are tons of options available, some classes even offer free trials when you come in for the first time. Alternatively, just put on your best playlist that makes you feel like the main character & dance it off in your room. You know, that’s a classic — never gets old. So, it’s definitely one of the greatest ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Remind yourself why being single is amazing 

No matter what your current situation is, this is an opportunity for you to really connect with yourself. As we all know, a lot of people in a relationship don’t even know why they are in one, what they want in a partner, what they like or dislike — these things can be impossible to analyze and evaluate when you’re involved with someone else. You, however, are in a lucky position to be able to change yourself and your life according to your own needs, wishes, and desires. You belong to yourself. And you’re free to do whatever you want. Staying in bed the whole weekend? Great. Spontaneously moving cities? Awesome. See? It’s not so bad, after all. Valentine’s Day will pass and the bouquets will cease to annoy you, but your freedom and independence will stay right with you. And remember: your relationship status is never an indication of your worth. It’s simply a phase of your life, a circumstance, a happenstance that is so insignificant as soon we look at the bigger picture. So, It’s OK to be alone on Valentine’s Day.

All I’m saying is, be your own lover this Valentine’s. I’ll be doing just that.

Valerie Estrina


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