How people play on Pure around the world

How people play on Pure around the world

Pure is about being playful, curious and having fun while being open, honest and ethical. Sometimes, communicating is easier when you know a thing or two about your partner and especially when you share something. Pure’s sexual & non-sexual turn-ons that you can add to your profile give a sense of common ground and help start a connection. Embracing your sensual self is just as important as embracing your emotional needs when seeking a partner, which is why turn-ons make the Pure world spin!

To help you find your dream summer fling, Pure looked into the most popular turn-ons in Europe and the USA. Here are the findings:

How people play on Pure around the world.1. 1


No need to overthink your latte or your dating life. French men are really into VanillaSex, even much more than French women.

The French are indeed known for their poetry and romance. But do you wanna know what arouses both French men and women? Oral Sex It's a top 4 turn-on for both genders.

Last but certainly not least, French people are real exhibitionists, especially women. Being Watched is one of the most common turn-ons among women.


If passionate encounters with a great cook are the way to your heart, then Italy is the place for you. It may also excite you to know that in Italy Biting is one of the main turn-ons.

Jump on a Vespa and drive through the streets of Rome, Italians enjoy Artsy dates so be prepared to fall in love like Michelangelo did with the Sistine Chapel. Italians are also found to be Film Buffs. Soak up the wine and culture and your love life will feel like a Fellini movie.

Pssst.. How about fantasies IRL?


Literature is one of the top non-sexual turn-ons for the English. Looking for Mr Darcy on the Pure app? Try checking the London feed and you’ll find one.

Like a simple yet delicious cup of English tea, the Britsh also were found to love Vanilla sex the second most on Pure. But Narrowly missed the top spot to the French... (sorry mate). 

If you like to date without misogyny, consider heading to the UK feed as Feminism is amongst the top 3 turn-ons for male and female genders.

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Dancing the night away at a hotel? Sign the people of Switzerland up. What distinguishes the Swiss from other countries is Let's Dance (aka dancing) as one of the top non-sexual turn-ons, along with Hotels, probably due to the strong business culture.

If you do find yourself in a Swiss hotel with a front-row view of the Alps, might be a good idea to pack some oil. As Massage is also one of the highest-rated turn-ons.


If you love techno music with a side of back door adventures then head to Germany. Men in Germany are turned on by Butt Play - it's the number one turn-on for men.

Women in Germany prefer to hook up with a Sapiosexuality - which is the top turn-on for female users. Fun fact: Germany, Netherlands and France all have Sapiosexuality in their top 5 turn-ons. 

For both male and female users, Tattoos and Piercings are considered to be the second most popular turn-on. If you've walked the streets of Kreuzberg in Berlin and spotted the crowds you may understand why.


In the Netherlands, Sapiosexuality is the most chosen turn-on compared to other countries. So read a book by a Dutch canal and get ready for crowds of suiters to flock. 

If you’re headed to Amsterdam this summer, keep in mind that the Dutch are really into Scents. So you might want to take some time while picking your perfume.  

If your literature-based conversations go to plan, then maybe it's time to take things somewhere more private. Oral sex is in the top 3 turn-ons for all genders, so bare this in mind when... articulating yourself.

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Crystal clear blue waters, and long sandy beaches. Greece really has it all. But did you know that Music is one of the main turn-ons for Greek goddesses, and as for guys - they are really into Dirtytalk

If you go on vacay to Greece and want to work on your oral skills, this may not mean having to learn Greek. Kissing is rated the top turn-on for men and women alike so embrace the language of Aphrodite and get 'practising.'


Heading to the western med, the top turn-ons in Spain are also Kissing and Music. Whether you are vibing to some flamenco in Sevilla or partying it up in Ibiza, you will be spoiled for choice... talk about a perfect summer. The Spanish are known for their liberal attitude towards intimacy, this must mean that Being Watched is one of the top three turn-ons. El Scandelo!

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The #1 sexual turn-on in the U.S. is Biting – maybe Olivia Rodrigo was onto something 🧛.

If you’re less interested in Twilight and more into 50 Shades, you may like hearing the top turn-on for female users in the US is I’m a Sub, however, men seldom select I’m a Dom as an option.

Both female and male users in the US audience enjoy Edging, but mental health is also key. Therapy, one of Pure’s newest turn-ons, is quickly rising to the top in America.

We can’t control everything, but we have the power to communicate our needs and boundaries, listen to our partners, and try to find common ground.

Pure Team


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