Relationship goals on Pure. What are they & how to use them

Как пользоваться целями знакомства в Pure

We try to make Pure better for you and because of you. Recently we've introduced a new feature, Relationship goals. The goals are available in your Profile and filters of the Feed. Let's talk about what they are and how to use them to make your dating experience smoother and better. We also have some stats to share, so you'll know how many people are looking for the same thing as you are. Whatever it may be.

Where can I find goals?

In your Profile. Head to Pure, and click on the mask on the bottom right. Then, under the information section (age, height), click "Looking for". Now choose one of five options: Anything but boring, Casual, Virtual,  Long-term or Open Relationships. You can change your previously selected goals at any time. Once you've selected the goal, it will be displayed right above your ad in the Feed. Now, you don't have to spend extra ad space explaining what you're looking for. Use it to talk about yourself!

In the filters of the Feed. When you open the Feed, select the second filter on the left named "Looking for". You can choose up to 5 options at a time (or don't choose anything — then we'll show the ads of everyone who matches your other preferences). Above each ad, you will see everyone's relationship goals, if they've selected it.

Pssst.. How about fantasies IRL?

What do goals actually mean?

If you choose any of the goals in your Profile, you’ll see a description for each. But we'll explain just in case:

  • Casual: let’s keep it easy and see where it goes. It's ideal for those who prefer one-time or short-term connections in the format of ONS or FWB. Or don't want to put any labels at all.
  • Long-term: how about a one life stand? Set this goal if you want to build a long-term exclusive (or not-so-exclusive) relationship with deep emotional involvement, possibly moving in together and building a shared future - and everything that is commonly referred to as a relationship. If you're familiar with LTR (Long Term Relationship), this is it.
  • Virtual: let’s do digital! Ping me, I’ll ping you! Sexting and virtual sex is the art of the chosen few, but Pure users nail it every time. If virtual games are your kink (or a way to be more open), choose this goal. At any time, you can make your desires come true in reality - we won’t limit you.
  • Anything but boring: I'm up for anything! Let's explore together. This goal is about improvisation, intuition, feelings, and being able to explore as much as you need. Many serious stories and friendships begin with a one-night stand. All in all, it’s a great option if you're in the mood for socializing and dating, and don’t mind being surprised.
  • Open relationships: Ethically, consensually, lovingly. It's for those who believe that a relationship is not only two halves that make a whole, but a union of two (or more) open-minded people. Try it, if you are ready to explore, but despite the adventures outside the partnership, you always return to your loved one. And the same goes for your potential partner. If individual freedom is the core value in your relationships, this goal is for you.
Relationship goals on Pure. What are they & how to use them.2. 1

What’s our community searching for?

We've already mentioned that you can change your dating goals - and Pure users don’t miss an opportunity to do that. Because of this, the calculations are a bit more complicated, but here's a rough ratio of what everyone’s into:

Up to 40% are looking for "Anything but boring";
Up to 35% are looking for "Casual";
Up to 8% are looking for "Virtual";
Up to 9% are looking for "Long-term";
Up to 9% are looking for "Open relationships".

Pay attention to the first and last two goals! All together, that's more than half of our users. These goals are similar: "Anything but boring" does not exclude the possibility of an exclusive relationship. “Open relationships” are committed relationships, too. So if you're looking for something long-term, pick either of these goals to increase your chances.

In general, we recommend using common sense and reading the ads carefully: it will help you decide whether someone is worth liking or if it's better to continue searching. Even with all the filters set, Pure's Feed tends to be infinite... The choice is yours!

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