15 most popular emojis in online dating. And no, there’s no 🍆!

15 most popular emojis in online dating

We analyzed more than 4,000,000 ads on Pure worldwide, hoping to harvest eggplants, but something went wrong. Or not really. The most popular is, hands down, the 😉 emoji. Of course, the heart, the devil, the fire, and the thinking emoji are also on top, but the frequency of use varies locally. Here are the most interesting facts from our little research!

How many people use emojis?

How often do people use emojis when online dating

We’ve analyzed close to 4,000,000~ ads. At least 10% of them contained emojis. And according to the poster’s gender, 17% of women, 9.5% of men, and 9.2% of non-binary people use emojis in their ads.

What emojis are the most popular in the world

15 most popular emojis in online dating. And no, there’s no 🍆!.1. 1

We genuinely believed that 🍆 or at least a 🍌 - we a shameless dating app, after all! However, the most popular emoji is a playful wink - 😉, which we found in at least 50,000 Pure ads. 😈 came second, with 30,000 ads. Smirk 😏 is in third place, with 29,000 ads.

What about heart emojis, you think? Unfortunately, ❤️ has only got fourth place: we found it in 21,000 ads. 🔥 with 17,000 ads, is in fifth place in our top five.

But where's the eggplant?! What are you so worked up about? People still use eggplant emojis. Though, it’s only in the 20th place in our rating: less than 5,000 ads

Different genders use the same emoji, but with different frequencies

15 most popular emojis in online dating. And no, there’s no 🍆!.2. 1
  • Women: ❤️, 😉, 🥰, 😈, 😏
  • Men: 😉, 😈, 😏, 🔥, 😜
  • Non-binary people: ❤️, ✨, 😉, 😈, 🥰

There are also local differences

United Kingdom

Men: 😉, and 😈, 👀
Women: 😈, 😉 and  ❤️
Non-binary people: 😉, 😈 and ✨


Men: 😉, and 😏, 😈 
Women: 👻, ❤️ and 🥰
Non-binary people: ✨, 😉 and  ❤️


And yet, where did 🍆, 🍌 and 🍑 go?

15 most popular emojis in online dating. And no, there’s no 🍆!.4. 1

Ah, well, it looks like the harvest isn’t quite ready! In all seriousness, we’re working hard to make Pure a safe space to talk about your desires openly, and see beyond society's norms and borders. Feel free to speak up about your fantasies (and for this, you can now add Turn-ons in your profile, these are specific preferences that will be visible to other users). Our users speak openly about their desires - honesty pays off. You’ll meet people that are into the same things, have fun and make your fantasies come true. Don’t shy away - speak up!


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