Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November

Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November

There’s nothing better than a fling at the end of a fun night out or a tug at the end of a long day to help you fall asleep, but many believe that a month of abstinence can work wonders on the body and mind: higher sperm count, increased testosterone levels, mental strength, and improved stamina. It’s no wonder that millions of men are currently avoiding the urge to ejaculate.

Yet, while many swear by No Nut November’s positive effects, others aren’t so sure. Pure surveyed 2,000 men from around the world on why they take part, how they cope, and whether it was worth the effort. The results show that the effects can be positive — but there’s a high chance your sexual urges will get the better of you before you see December.

Key takeaways

  • Providing a way for men to test their willpower and improve their mental wellbeing, 59% have completed or are considering completing No Nut November.
  • Those that hope to get through the month orgasm-free face plenty of tests and temptations, from social media to poor sleep quality, and unsupportive partners. 
  • However, those that are able to resist the urge and make it through the month will enjoy plenty of benefits, with 62% of men stating that they noticed positive changes from reduced stress to improved creativity.


Nut-free November: The ultimate show of self-discipline

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Around the world, November is a month packed full of events. Thanksgiving, Dia de Muertos, Guy Fawkes Night, Diwali… And, now, No Nut November. 

What started out as a niche internet joke has aroused interest among millions of men worldwide. Some 18% say they have already completed the challenge in a previous year, while 41% are open to the idea of testing their will in the future. 

Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November.1. 2

No Nut November is often touted for its sexual benefits, but it seems most participate as a way to improve the mind. Some 14% do so for the mental health boost — Excessive masturbation can drain our energy and motivation levels, for instance, while many experience feelings of shame and guilt.

However, for 28% of men, it’s simply a way to test their willpower… If you can get through the month without orgasming, there’s nothing that can stand in your way.

Outlasting the urges: Beating No Nut November

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The average man masturbates 15 times a month, lasting around 19 minutes each time. That’s over five hours saved in the month of November and more if you’re usually sexually active — so what do you do with all that free time? To use that time productively and distract from their sexual desires, 30% of men exercise more during No Nut November, while 14% spend their time meditating.

Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November.2. 2

In an attempt to avoid arousal, 14% also abstain from arousing shows and social media if they know it could cause them problems, but even that might not be enough. With 64% of men admitting that they will continue dating during No Nut November, there will be plenty of temptation in the month ahead.

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And if they happen to swipe right on the right person, it could be game over. Some 67% of men admit that they would give themselves a free pass to break their abstinence if they happen to meet someone “really hot” on a date. While it may go against the official rules, nobody will be any the wiser (as long as you don’t kiss and tell).

Blue-balled: The negative side effects of sexual frustration

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No Nut November may have its benefits, but nothing good ever comes without some hardship. If you have committed to a nut-free month, get ready for some rough days ahead. Some 29% say participating affected their concentration and sleep quality, while 25% say it made them more stressed and irritable.

Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November.3. 2

Forget about the sexual frustration that you’re bound to experience — even discussing No Nut November can be a source of discomfort for 21% of men, especially during the early stages of a relationship.

But given your mood is likely to drop, it’s probably best that you discuss your plans with your partner first. You can’t go an entire month without explaining why you’re suddenly unwilling to strip off and get down…

Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November.3. 3

If you’re worried that your partner might not approve, don’t. For the vast majority of people, participating in No Nut November had no lasting negative impact on their relationship. But if your significant other happens to be in the 9% that have broken up with someone for taking part, do you really want a partner that doesn’t respect your decision to do whatever you want with your body? If it happens, move on and find someone better (but maybe wait until No Nut November’s over first).


Destroy Dick December: The reward for self-control

Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November.4. 1

Beating the urge and breaking a habit is never easy, but a month of sexual struggle is worth it for the mental boost it can provide. Some 62% of men that have completed No Nut November noticed positive changes — reduced stress, increased motivation, and better sleep.

However, sexual health experts insist that busting a nut every now and then is important. It gives us a burst of dopamine, acts as a natural pain reliever, and reduces the risk of prostate cancer. So once December rolls around, you know exactly how to reward yourself.

Taking a Mastur-Break: The Rise of No Nut November.4. 2

Confident in their ability to make it through November, some 82% of those participating have already made “naughty” plans to celebrate their achievement. If it gets to the end of the month and you have successfully kept your urges in check, congratulations! Now go nuts and cum to your heart’s content.

Methodology: To create this study, researchers from Pure surveyed 2,000 men aged over 18 years old, with no focus on particular geographies, ethnicities, sexualities or social backgrounds.

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