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27 December 2021

Holiday Binge-Watch: Pure Team Recommends

Pure Team

We’re well aware everyone is more likely to spend their holidays glued to the TV than somewhere on a date. Moreover, the probability of leaving the house during this time is relatively small. We have already made detailed guides on sending nudes and hot texts: those will come in handy for your at-home entertainment. Still, a watchlist is essential! We picked different movies and shows for you - and Pure Team will tell you what they’re going to be watching (or rewatching) this winter!


A top pick from our editor-in-chief. Is there anything better than The Simpsons or American Dad? Yes, there is! Disenchantment is about a princess actively searching. Not necessarily for her prince – more like beer, the purpose of life, and adventures. So, a drunk princess at that. Add an elf and a mini-demon to the mix and you’ve got your new best friends. This is just like in our all-time favorite movies: you either want to be the main character or you want to be with her. Handy date ideas are given on the show, too!

I’m gonna do a Timothée Chalamet binge. Dune, Call Me By Your Name, maybe Little Women and Beautiful Boy. I’m also gonna see something indie at a local cinema
Tanya, Head of Product Delivery

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We wrote about Goop already, but we’re convinced that Gwyneth’s best recent project is Politician. Firstly, it’s a beautiful show. Secondly, there is everything a good modern show should have: a detective plot, love, gender diversity, self-search. Overall, the show is a direct guide on how to run for president. Who knows – you might need it in the future. Spoiler: if you’re looking for dating inspiration, you may find a non-trivial threesome invitation in the first season.

Harry Potter - every part 
Alexander, Head of Design

More the Merrier

You’ve watched everything. You've read everything. Now you need something lighthearted and exciting – and easy to consume. We’re offering you a Spanish film about an adult club. Several touching stories (a few of which are intertwined), a lot of steamy scenes, gender & age diversity of Pedro Almodóvar's vibe. It’s far from a masterpiece, but is definitely worth watching and getting inspired by!

The Holiday! What could be better than a sudden acquaintance with adventures and the most romantic love story all in one?
Vika, Customer Support


Teenagers, hot romance, parties, shame, shame, and more shame. Judging by several spin-offs in the form of mini-stories on Netflix, "Elite" gathered popularity all over the world, and people want to see more. We already explained in the first sentence why the show is worth watching, and as a bonus, you’ll be getting the opportunity to master your Spanish skills. Plus, there’s Miguel Herrán - Rio from Money Heist.

I’ll be watching the new Sorrentino movie, The Hand of God. It’s coming on Netflix on December 15th. Also waiting for The Witcher because Henry Cavill is hot
Olya, CEO


Our copywriter’s top pick. Fathers and Sons – 2021 version. In the center of the plot is an influential and obscenely rich family – with a tyrant dad, of course. Somewhere in between the constant family drama, NSFW dialogue, betrayal, and shareholder meetings, humanity can be found. And precisely that humanity and imperfection of the characters makes it impossible to stop watching. As a bonus, you’ll be able to finally understand how big companies operate, albeit in a misinformative way. Meanwhile, we’re all patiently waiting for season 4.

I used to rewatch The Matrix every Christmas, but right now it’s either Family Guy, Star Wars, or Robocop. From the Soviet movies — Carnival and Charodei
Katya, Product Designer

New Girl

Classics of the genre: a sitcom and a drama two-in-one. It’s versatile, as in perfect for watching with friends, with family, with your Pure match, or even alone — in any case it’s gonna make you feel warm and fuzzy in the most Christmas way. Some people say New Girl should be watched at least three times - can’t argue, totally agree. And let’s just say, 90% of the main character Jess’ problems could have been easily avoided if Pure existed on the show. Honestly…

I choose to stay loyal to the good old Christmas episode classics of The Office, Friends, and Family Guy
Ksenia, Content Editor

Gossip Girl

We’ve already written about the new Gossip Girl from HBO. Have you all watched the original, though? Personal very humble opinion: it’s much better. The most problematic, capricious, and plain disobedient teenagers without parental control or credit card limits — what could possibly go wrong? We really love and appreciate the original show for the late 00’s atmosphere, love triangles, fashion choices, and, of course, for Penn Badgley.

Gentlemen of Fortune is my favorite for the holidays. Ageless classic!
Anya, HR

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The White Lotus

A mini-series with just one season - and criminally underrated at that. The show has nothing to do with Christmas - rather, it’s the complete opposite. A summer vacation. There’s a luxury resort, a lot of family drama, and suspense. Marriages that are working and not working anymore. Not intrigued yet? Then get this: Jennifer Coolidge is on the show, and her character is just the way you imagined. A certified MILF - signed and stamped. Only six episodes, so you’ll be done with The White Lotus in one sitting. Now go watch!

Die Hard - it's pretty good for the holidays
Anton, Brand Marketing RU & CIS

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