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Sexting Chats: What Makes Them So Exciting?

Sexting Chats: What Makes Them So Exciting?

Remote communication, in all forms, has become the best, safest option for many people looking to connect this year. Whether chatting with new people, or keeping in touch with old friends, COVID-19 has shifted the way that individuals speak to one another. We invited users of our app to talk about their communication preferences during and after all lockdowns and isolations. More than 5 thousand people of different genders and sexual orientations from all over the world participated in the survey. And we are happy to share our findings with you. So what is sexting? And why is sexting so popular? 


Sexting vs. video chatting

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The survey showed that 67% of Pure users prefer sexting to video chatting, i.e. communicating mainly in text format and just sharing photos (including nudes), audio or video recordings with a partner. 33% of respondents said they prefer face-to-face communication in Pure's video chats.

Wanna try video sex?

Seeing is believing! Your face will be hidden under the virtual masks, but your desires should be spoken aloud.


Why do people prefer sexting?

Marina Travkova, a psychologist and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, suggests that, "the increased interest in sexting could be due to several factors. Isolation has made us more sensitive, and it is much easier to hide behind text and precisely edited photos than through virtual, yet direct, video contact. Sexting can feel more romantic, and many of us still feel the need to have some sort of relationship history, even on a hookup site."  

56% of users said they engage in sexting with their long-term, committed partners, and nearly half of respondents (44%) believe that chatting with strangers on dating apps is more exciting. "Sexting gives you a lot more opportunity to fantasize about your partner, have sex with them in your head. It fuels imagination and allows us to get exactly the pleasure we want (or rather, imagine). It's also easier to keep your focus", Marina Travkova adds.

Don’t take sexting too seriously

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To the former our survey found that 57% of users who actively exchange nude pictures or engage in sexting and virtual sex on Pure, are certain that these activities are not considered cheating, but the other 43% disagree.

Psychologist Marina Trakova also explains that, "when we see our partner in the video, the moment they whisper passionately — "I caress your thigh with my hand" — we see that hand. And if we dwell on the details of that hand for too long, finding it hairy or something, we may become distracted, but if they write the same thing, we are in full control when we read it. We determine the intonation, the image, and most importantly, we are able to maintain this inner sex trance because we are fully engaging our imaginations. So sexting is also a kind of focusing technique. Sexting is fun and important. 

For this same reason, I suspect, many don't think of sexting as something serious, they don’t consider it cheating. They know it's largely their own interactions with their own fantasies. 

So how can it be cheating if it's not real and has no future?" If you want to learn more information about sexting you can always read this Pure article about the 5 rules of sexting.

Sext safely 

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Results from the survey confirm that Pure users are interested in different kinds of online communication in dating. For our part, we continue to improve our security system so that Pure remains the safest and most anonymous platform for virtual sex, sexting and nude photo exchanges.

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