04 June 2021

Passion and Pose: Yoga for Pleasure

Shelma Bjork

Many people practice yoga, but not many people know about the benefits that come with it when you’re off the mat and in the bedroom. Below are five yoga positions to add to your practice, so you can have a good time in the studio and an even better time later.

Yoga has become and is still becoming increasingly popular, but it is not entirely clear where physical exercise ends and enlightenment and harmony begin. Yoga mats, mat bags, leggings, and even jewelry bracelets are accessories often sold in studios. Yoga class subscriptions are available at almost every fitness club, and if you look on Instagram, practicing Adho Mukha Shvanasana's pose seems to summon beautiful tides and radiant sunsets that need no filters. But beyond all these fancy things and the glamorous lifestyle of a successful and flexible urban yoga practitioner, what does yoga give to those who practice it consciously?

Yoga can be translated as "union," which can be interpreted as the union of body and mind, a harmony that people strive for when they practise yoga. Pure's blog is not about yoga, so we will not pretend to be gurus, teachers, and yoga know-it-alls. If you’re a first-timer, we recommend that you turn to a designated source to learn the basics, but in this article we’ll share what we do know with you... Remembering what Pure is all about, let's cut to the chase and focus on how yoga works the body so the body can do more work... elsewhere.

Yoga is a physical activity that consists mainly of postures and flowing sequences that can serve as both a muscle-building workout and a cardio session. And just like any other regular exercise, yoga, when done properly, can help improve your endurance, increase stamina and benefit overall health. But what about sex? - You ask. And we answer.

After watching several movies about yoga communities in which people indulge in free love under the stars, demonstrate Olympic-level stretching, and stimulate their "chakras'' in every other scene, you might get the idea that yoga works better than any aphrodisiac on the market. To debunk the myths surrounding yoga, we talked to our yoga-practicing friends (who are also on Pure!), they confirmed our suspicions - it's a lie and a myth made up by Netflix. But don’t be sad! Although your yoga experience might not be exactly the kind of orgiastic tantric meditation you’ve envisioned, yoga and sex still have a few things in common.. So what are they?

Does yoga improve sex? For some, yes!

Harvard Health Publishing published a study, which involved 40 healthy women between the ages of 22 to 55 who were enrolled in a yoga program. The subjects were guided through 22 yoga poses, or asanas, believed to have positive effects on abdominal and pelvic muscle tone, joint function, and mood. Most of the women were married and all were sexually active. Each participant completed a sexual function questionnaire at the beginning and end of the 12-week program. At the end of the program, the researchers found improvements in the women's sexual function scores in the six areas studied (desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, pain, and overall satisfaction).

Most of the women said they were more satisfied with their sex life following the training.

5 Steamy Yoga Poses For More Pleasure

Shoulder Stand

This position will shake you to the core and literally take you out of your comfort zone. It relieves stress-related tension in the neck, helps balance hormones, and releases endorphins.


Happy Baby

This pose can stretch the inner thighs and groin, resulting in more flexibility. Open up to the world!


Is an excellent pose for beginners. It loosens up muscles, soothes anxiety, allowing you to focus on your pelvic floor. Brighter orgasms are just a few yoga sessions away!


The pose helps release any stagnant emotional energy that is stored in your hips. Open them up, release negative energy and welcome pleasure!

Straddle Pose
Improving your Sacral Chakra can help you awaken the sensual self to allow for maximum pleasure. Use this hip-opening pose to get to your sacral chakra that is located at the lower belly and inner pelvis.

Perhaps the most enjoyable benefits observed from practicing yoga were an increase in libido, frequency and intensity of orgasms, and an improvement in pain or physical discomfort that was previously present. According to one of the studies, older women who practiced yoga regularly showed an improvement in vaginal flora, which is necessary for comfortable sex.

Let your imagination run wild

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Needless to say, it's a good way to mix business and pleasure - some will find pleasure in meditation, physical activity, or stretching, and some will find it more beneficial in the bedroom. We're not suggesting anything, but at least you'll have something to brag about on Pure or on your Instagram Stories.

*This article was originally published in Russian.