Top 15 Sexiest Music Videos to Feast Your Eyes On

Top 15 Sexiest Music Videos to Feast Your Eyes On

What makes us remember our first kiss, our first party, our first sexual experience? Music, of course. Especially if it’s accompanied by an equally hot video sequence. Pure recalls the sexiest clips of the last decades, each able to give you flashbacks — or something really cool to watch.


Chris Isaak, Wicked Games

This romantic ballad ranks first in all the lists of the sexiest songs in the world. Deservingly so: so far no one has been able to create a more aesthetic video for a love song. Half-naked supermodel Helena Christensen on a deserted beach is so sultry that she doesn’t need to perform or do anything. She’s just sitting there, wiping sand away from her face — and it's hard to think of something hotter than this spectacle.

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Madonna, Cherish

Madonna is not only the record holder for the sexiest music videos in the history of pop, but the absolute champion of banned videos. Of course, the entire Erotica album can be considered a classic, but in Cherish, a romantic mood still prevails, albeit with hints of eroticism. The singer in the lens of Herb Ritts’ camera looks like a beautiful fairy who is about to be taken to the underwater world by brutal and muscular mermen. Perhaps because of this fantasy realized by Madonna, the video excites more than just one generation.


Prince&The New Power Generation, Cream

The Prince's discography also has more than enough sexy compositions and scandalous clips. Released as a maxi-single in 1991, Cream reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Largely thanks to the dancers Lori Elle and Robia LaMorte, who excellently played a fantasy on the theme of threesomes. How to arrange one for yourself — read in our guide.

Robert Palmer, Addicted to Love

Palmer's legendary clip is considered one of the sexiest works of the XX century, although, ironically, there isn’t a single naked body. The sexiest gesture we see is liplicking. A dozen girls in short black dresses just dance or play musical instruments with a completely detached look to them. It was their mannequin-like appearance that excited most of the male population, reviving the fantasy of dolls.


Michael Jackson, In the Closet

There isn’t a single person that doesn't remember what Naomi Campbell's muscular legs look like in a short white skirt. Provocatively short top, imitation of sexual actions with some dancing, and a passionate song made In the Closet one of the sexiest compositions of the 1990s.

All Saints, Bootie Call

The quartet consisting of incredibly beautiful girls is sexy in and of itself, but this song is rather for ASMR lovers. Sultry R&B track with a half-whisper and smooth changes of rhythm is enhanced by a stylish video sequence with people having spicy phone encounters. Without these scenes, girls singing in convertibles wouldn’t have created such deep sexual tension.


50 Cent, Disco Inferno

Speaking of sexy music videos, it would impossible to skip over rap artists. Almost every one of them has provocative clips, but the 50 Cent hit can be considered an absolute classic with all the standard factors of beauty: black and white imagery, hot dancing, twerking, metal underwear, and gold jewelry.

Eric Pridz, Call on Me

The sexual aspect of retroaerobics is used even in adult films. In Prydz’ video, dancers in open sports swimsuits imitate the famous scene from Perfect with John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis, but they do it ironically. Nevertheless, a fetish like aerobics works even with a small amounts of irony — bodies in movement have always been sexy.


Alex Gaudino feat Crystal Waters, Destination Calabria

Gaudino's clip is an allusion to Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love video, but with a slight change. Instead of female mannequins, the women are in uniform. Short skirts, red lipstick, and musical instruments all act as hints of female sexuality Unlike the original, the naked body is actively used here, but for 2003 it was nothing off-limits.

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FKA twigs, Papi Pacify

One of the most amazing videos in which almost nothing happens, but it turns the viewer’s mind inside out. Twigs looks into the camera while a half-naked man is hugging her, periodically thrusting his fingers or the whole palm into her mouth. The mesmerizing composition with ethereal vocals turns the video into some unthinkable hymn of intimacy, shocking in its frankness.


Beyonce, Partition

Housewife fantasies about sexual domination — the plot is certainly sexy, especially performed by Beyonce. In this video, the singer dances in the legendary Crazy Horse club. There’s also a fantasy about having sex with a stranger in a car. It's hard to say which fantasy is sexier, the whole video is a cascade of eroticism and burlesque. But if you want to enter the world of BDSM, this might be something to pay attention to.

Nicki Minaj, Anaconda

This video broke the 24-hour Vevo record with 19.6 million views on the first day, and this is due to Nicki's incredibly rhythmic and mobile buttocks. This girl twerks like a goddess. By the way, the lyrics of the song exist in two versions: censored for the general public and, well, the real ones.

Billie Eilish, Bad Guy

Strictly speaking, there are no sex scenes in this music video. But there are deliberately demonstrated bruises on Billie's knees in a sexual context, as well as an incredibly erotic insert in subdued red light of a small room. Not to mention, the song is a worldwide hit.

Garden City Movement, Move On

The fantasy of first teenage love, shot in caramel-pink tones, openly demonstrated sex scenes between two girls and at the same time reminding the viewers of their past. Posters of the Hanson group and young DiCaprio as a sexual object, the first kiss, tenderness, and femininity as a ticket to the world of sex and first love — something almost everyone has experienced in life.

Miley Cyrus, Mother’s Daughter

Miley Cyrus has quite candid clips, but the video for the 2019 song was shot with extremely adult frankness. Mother's daughter is first of all a work about all aspects of womanhood and women’s unconditional beauty. But that doesn't make it any less sexually exciting.

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