8 non-binary celebrity personas: Demi, Miley, Sam, JVN

8 non-binary celebrity personas: Demi, Miley, Sam, JVN

Identifying as non-binary or genderqueer means not solely female or male, but seeing yourself as a whole person, regardless of biological sex. Pure publishes a selection of celebrities who have, on various occasions, come out as non-binary.

8 non-binary celebrity personas: Demi, Miley, Sam, JVN.description. 1

Demi Lovato

The singer came out with her non-binary identity in May of 2021. She insisted to use the pronoun they (they) in reference to them. A few months before that, Demi had officially talked about their fluidity and pansexuality, and openly remarked that they were ready for a relationship with anyone, regardless of their gender. Their last relationship ended in 2020. After breaking up with singer Max Erich, Lovato is in no hurry to rush headlong into a new romance.

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Rose McGowan

The star of the TV series "Charmed" and the iconic slasher "Scream" made a cameo appearance as a non-binary person on Alexi Wasser's Love Alexi podcast. During this conversation, she admitted that she never felt like a man or a woman and didn't want to live inside a made-up framework. "I don't want to be called a woman, while I'm not even sure I know what that means," Rose commented. Incidentally, the actress has long dated non-binary model Raine Dove.

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Cara Delevingne

The British supermodel and actress has always been openly bisexual. In 2018, she opened up about her non-binary nature, and in a 2020 interview for Variety, Delevingne unequivocally said: "Sometimes I feel feminine and sometimes I feel totally masculine." Recall, Cara dated actress Michelle Rodriguez and actress, singer, Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson.

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Miley Cyrus 

In a 2015 interview, the singer openly stated that she doesn't feel like a man or a woman because it's just a label society wants to put on us. "It doesn't matter what I look like, it doesn't matter how I'm dressed, I identify as a whole person without being tied to gender," Cyrus emphasized. Almost then she came out as bisexual and began dating model Stella Maxwell, from whom she later left for singer Cody Simpson.

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Emma Corrin

The performer of the role of Princess Diana in the TV series "The Crown" admitted that she still isn't sure what gender she is or if she even has one. In 2021, she added "she/they" (she/they) as pronouns in her Instagram account description. Later, in an interview for The New York Times, the actress admitted that it was her role in "The Crown" that helped her embrace her non-binary nature: "Diane helped me realize and express the depth of my nature and all my feelings about the world because she was a very holistic person."

AFAB and AMAB are two other concepts important to understanding gender discourse. Find out now what they mean — read our piece.

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Jaden Smith 

Will Smith's son has often anathematized the public by appearing publicly in women's clothing. In 2016, he appeared in Vogue Korea in a black skirt and with a flower in his hair. In May 2018, he also stated in his tweet that he was not a man. And later deciphered his message in an interview for the Huffington Post: "I do not wish to be part of stereotypes and standards invented by man. I follow my own path. And I divide humanity into only two kinds of people: scared and calm."

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Sam Smith 

"I'm not a man or a woman, I think I float somewhere in the middle," the singer told Entertainment Tonight. Even though Sam is openly gay, the singer chooses to use the pronoun they (they) and has recently spoken often about their fears of remaining completely ununderstood in their non-binary nature. In an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats1 radio, they shared their phobias: "I will remain gender-non-understood until the day I die. It will be a very long time before people stop being attached to gender in speech."

8 non-binary celebrity personas: Demi, Miley, Sam, JVN.3. 1

Jonathan Van Ness

The American TV host, activist, stylist and actor released his autobiographical book Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love in 2018, in which he talks about his experiences as a teenager with violence, his periods of self-harm and his struggle with Eating Disorder. In an interview with OUT magazine, Ness admitted that he feels increasingly non-binary as he gets older and believes the world needs to do away with gender boundaries. Reflecting on school bullying, Van Ness speaks out against the stigmatization of feminine traits and for feminism and equality.

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