Top 10 Sexiest Movies of All Time to Get You Hot and Bothered

Top 10 Sexiest Movies of All Time to Get You Hot and Bothered

As humans, we’re designed in a way that what excites us most is not the naked body and unrestrained intimate scenes, but the fantasy itself and the sparkling tension between characters. Of course, the list of the sexiest films of all time should start with the cult "Basic Instinct" — we all appreciate Sharon Stone's contribution to our sexual awakening. But we decided to make a less common list, where the focus is not on the body, but on the fantasies.

Love, 2015, Gaspar Noe

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There are actually a lot of explicit and even shocking sex scenes in Noe's film. The story of the all-consuming passion of the young director Murphy and the artist Elektra is full of realistic images of the human body, but this is just a background for explaining the nature of love. Group sex, partner exchange, extreme places for making love… All this is to show how free people in love become and how easy it is to lose this invisible connection by betraying your partner. The main character also experiences the sadness of loss through sexuality, fantasizing about the past and demonstrating to the viewer the fragility and the infinity of deep fatal passion at the same time.

Pssst.. How about fantasies IRL?

Emmanuelle, 1974, Juste Jacquin

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Originally made as a full-length film, the story of a young liberated woman played by Sylvia Kristel was turned into a TV series. After the success of the first part, six more films were made about Emmanuelle's adventures in different parts of the globe and even in the future. In the first part, the diplomat's wife begins to explore the world of free sex out of boredom, in the third — "Goodbye, Emmanuel!" — meets her only love, in the fifth she gets into a harem, in the sixth — gets kidnapped by pirates.

The first part is considered a classic — it marked the beginning of the whole series of cinematic masterpieces in the Penthouse style. In "Emmanuel", the main erotic theme is not physiological shots and moans, but an exquisite entourage of living rooms, carefully selected costumes and colorful landscapes. The aesthetics of Juste Jacquin became a real classic, and, of course, sexually educated an entire generation.

Crash, 1996, David Cronenberg

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Cronenberg was always inspired by sexual deviations and the line between the beautiful and the terrible in intimate relationships. "Crash” became the apogee of his work and truly shocked the audience with a frank depiction of human addiction. Sexual attraction to people with injuries, and even more so the open demonstration of their sexual relations — it was a taboo topic. After the release of Crash and the inevitable criticism, society's view of the human body radically changed. Cronenberg was able to demonstrate how the needs of a person who has been between life and death are variable, how orthopedic prostheses and modern technologies for rebuilding the human body may become fetishes and lead to an absolute change in sexual needs.

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999, Stanley Kubrick

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Of course, Kubrick was influenced by the aesthetics of Penthouse films of the 1970s and 1980s. This is especially evident in the incredibly stylish scenes of orgies in a huge castle. But this film explores not so much the open sexuality of the spoiled aristocracy, as the relationship of the main characters played by (then spouses) Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. A married couple is trying to cope with a relationship crisis through sexual adventures, but as a result, salvation comes through emotions they experience.

Secretary, 2001, Steven Sheinberg

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The subtle topic of BDSM has been raised more than once in the cinema, but in Sheinberg's film the nature of BDSM is shown ironically. The story of a clumsy girl Lee and her boss, who, like many heroes of BDSM novels, goes by the surname Gray, tells that lovers of submission and submission are not scary people in latex with whips, but ordinary citizens with normal needs. "Secretary" completely debunks the myth of demonic sadists and unhappy victims in BDSM relationships, showing how normal it is for a person to have a partner with matching sexual needs.

Adore, 2012, Anne Fontaine

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Only a woman could touch on such a provocative topic as ageism and prohibitions on the age difference. Two mature girlfriends fall in love with each other's sons and live a secret life, hiding from society a relationship on the verge of morality. In fact, nothing interferes with their happiness: the law doesn’t prohibit relationships with adult young men. Only public disapproval forces them to keep their relationship a secret. In addition to socially important messaging, Fontaine's film has a lot of love scenes against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, emphasizing the naturalness of attraction and the absurdity of social taboos.

In The Realm of the Senses / Ai no korida, 1976, Nagis Oshima

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Based on real events, Oshima's most poignant cinematic poem became a sensation at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival. The movie was referred to as "the first great erotic film" and got numerous awards. The story of lovers who experienced a strong attraction for the first time and experimented with sexual sensations really surpasses many films of this genre in terms of honesty. But still, despite the detailed physiological scenes, this is not eroticism, but a dramatic study of the dangerous facets of attraction. And also the connections between love and death, the sublimity and lowness of intimate life, passion, and lust, of course.

Blue Is The Warmest Color / La vie d'Adele, 2013, Abdelatif Keshish

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A touching picture about the first love of a 17-year-old schoolgirl Adele and a student of the Faculty of Arts Emma is permeated with sensual scenes of sexual experimenting. The first experience, the exploration of their desires and feelings, a complex cocktail of emotions and the vulnerability of teenagers in LGBT relationships are the main themes of Keshish's painting, as well as the homophobia and hypocrisy of a conservative society that traumatizes young people who are confusingly exploring their own sexuality. According to the main French cinematographic magazine Cahiers du Cinema, the film got 3rd place in the top 10 films of 2013.

Ex Machina, 2014, Alex Garland

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The film won an Oscar for best visual effects – and it's justified. The image of a robot girl performed by Alicia Vikander is so realistic that even the "living" characters seem unnatural. The experiment with artificial intelligence gradually turning into the seduction of the experimenter, is not a new plot, but Garland managed to bring this frequent fantasy to a new level. The main role in this was played by the maximum humanization of the main character with the preservation of the external attributes of the robot. Ex Machina hit the target — robotic relationships are a common fantasy, after all.

Sleeping Beauty, 2011, Julia Lee

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Julia Lee was inspired by the biblical story "Susanna and the Elders", in which a beautiful girl becomes the object of observation of people who have long lost their youth and attractiveness. The main character also bears a resemblance to Lolita, a lost and abandoned girl with unclear life plans. The heroine sleeps naked in the luxurious interiors of an elite club, and when she wakes up, she can’t remember what happened. Her dream looks like a picture of the classics of the Renaissance, and not at all like an erotic plot. Thus, in Lee's canvas, the main character is not a young charming student Lucy, but rather youth as a symbol of what everyone wants to possess.

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