What is Polysexuality?

What is Polysexuality?

We have already written about how the heteronormative view of sexual orientation is considered outdated. In 1948, data collected by the American scientist Alfred Kinsey produced a spectrum for determining the nature of sexual orientation. At that time, there were only three defined sexual orientations. Now there are about 25. Pure explains what polysexuality is and how it differs from the others.

Who are polysexuals

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The most important thing in distinguishing between bisexuals, polysexuals and pansexuals is the following. Let us proceed in order: If bisexuals choose their partners only among men and women, and pansexuals choose their partners among all genders in nature, then who do polysexuals date? The answer is simple: with whom they see fit, but without gender blindness. The word "poly" means "numerous," which means that a polysexual can choose a partner from two, three, or more genders, but not from all available genders at once. They also see and define the gender that has a more prominent meaning to them. As a result, their gender choices for potential romantic relationships are limited and individualized. A polysexual person may experience attraction to all genders or to a strictly defined category of genders. They may be attracted to all masculine people, whether female, male, or transgender. Or, for example, for all girls, whether they were born that way or not. In this case, this person would not care about the gender of his / her partners, and would choose them exclusively according to personal preferences.


Too much "poly-". What's the difference?

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It is absolutely necessary not to confuse all the terms with the root "poly": polygamy and polyamory have nothing to do with polysexuals. Polygamous relationships involve a sexual or romantic relationship with more than one person at a time, while the definition of polysexuality does not inherently imply this. Polysexuals may date a partner of their chosen sex. Once they choose a partner, they enter into a long-term or short-term relationship, as most people do. Whether polysexuals are faithful depends on the situation and their personal views, just as with homosexuals and heterosexuals.

Bisexuals and Polysexuals

Can we say that bisexuals are also polysexual? Yes. But the other way around. Not every polysexual is bi, because the spectrum of their preferences can be much broader. Just as with bisexuals, it is a mistake to assume that polysexuals "just can not decide." Their choice is quite obvious and clear: anyone they are attracted to. They can only be people of completely different sexes.

In this context, a note:

  • Polysexuals, like all other LGBTQ people, have their Pride flag;
  • polysexuality is not related to the strength of libido; polysexuals have sex with those they are attracted to, and in just the right amount;
  • British singer Micah is known to be polysexual;
  • Marc Jacobs launched a collection for polysexuals in 2020.

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