You finally have a crush. How to tell someone you like them

You finally have a crush. How to tell someone you like them

Telling your match you like him can be as exciting as dangerous: you must maintain your boundaries while being open about your intentions. Here's Pure's advice on how to share your feelings with a potential partner in the most organic way possible.

You finally have a crush. How to tell someone you like them.0. 1

Show care

Empathy rules: listen and support your match if they talk about their problems. Send greetings on holidays and birthdays. Taking an active interest in someone's life is more than a hint; it's an obvious way of saying "I like you." Remember to respond to the social media posts with kind words: that's why they're posted.

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Light touching

We didn't emphasize the word "light" for nothing: touching their hand, removing invisible lint from a sweater or hair. Many of us are tactile, but touch can be distressing for some people. Don't insist if you notice them pulling their hand away, fleeing, or - yikes, calling the police. Make sure you know why they reacted that way, and apologize — surely, you don't mean to hurt anyone.

You finally have a crush. How to tell someone you like them.1. 1

Give gifts

Let's not be biased: expensive gifts are binding, and they frequently make people uncomfortable. Something related to your dates' interests would be perfect. For example, Harry Styles' sweater pattern or Phoebe Buffet's secret cookie recipe is fantastic: these kinds of gifts are personalized and sweet. Thinking of giving a generic-looking piece of jewelry with a "Style for Style. Best, .." note? Let’s leave this gift idea for Richard from "Sex and the City".


Talk about common interests

Enjoy when you discover something in common. "I went to Macklemore's concert too!" or "My dog only eats Royal Canin; I wish she could at least pay the rent." Your match will surely notice that you're looking for something in common. If he doesn't seem to get it (or doesn't want to), think about it - maybe it's the latter.

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Tell their friends

It's a high school ploy for risky retrosexuals, but it could work. Tell their friends and someone they're close to about your feelings.  It's pretty obvious what will happen next: they'll report it back to your crush right away.

If you don't know anyone in their immediate social circle, you can friend someone on social media and respond to their common posts.

You finally have a crush. How to tell someone you like them.2. 1

Or just tell them the way it is

Keep the most obvious the last. And  It's critical not to be too serious in such conversations. Don't begin with, "We need to have a serious discussion." Try to be casual. Let's imagine, you're having a drink, talking, and there's a brief pause. Look your match in the eyes, smile, and express how much you enjoy spending time with them. The reaction will reveal everything, but be patient: put up with it for 24 hours - many people find it difficult to share their feelings with you or well, rejection.

On the subject

  • Antique jewels representing a handshake were used for a declaration of love. You wouldn't need to say anything else, if you gave it to someone as a gift;
  • "I love you" is written in 311 languages, including Braille, on a "Wall of Love" in Paris's Abbesses Square;
  • Georgian painter Pirosmani gave actress de Sèvres a million beautiful roses -  this legend still holds the title of the most famous tale of sympathy and love.

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