How to take awesome nudes

How to take awesome nudes

Polina Plotkina

Wanna send someone nudes, but not sure about your photography skills? Here’s how to find your angle, catch the right pose, and get in the mood so that your nude pic is Louvre-worthy, no less. Advice from models and photographers!

Nudes have become the currency of modern relationships. We send nudes, we receive nudes, we keep nudes. The exchange rate is up to you: some purchase trust, others - the guarantee of intimacy or a sexting session. For a lot of people, it's a liberating tool to let themselves admire their own body. We asked model and blogger Liza Klubnika, photographers Sasha (@depuiscematin), Ellie Noir, and Irina Abdyeva to give us the best tips on taking nudes.

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Best poses for nudes

What are the best nude poses? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In the case of nudes - in yours. You only have two options here: highlighting what you already like about yourself, or attempt to reevaluate something you consider a flaw or a disadvantage by presenting it in all its glory. Self-love is key to great nudes!

Body image

Embrace yourself when taking nude pictures! Let's say you suffer from poor body image or simply dislike your body. Take the picture from below or from the side, arching your lower back and leaning on the leg that is closer to the camera. Isn’t it an optical illusion? No. When your partner is at the same level as the lens, it will become clear how accurately you have caught reality. Always remember: we are three-dimensional, not 2D.

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Something to know about body acceptance from Sasha, the director of a queer photo project Depuis ce Matin: "During the filming, I was surprised to realize that many people treat their bodies utilitarianly, no taboos. That doesn’t mean everyone is happy with themselves, but they understand that bodies are nuanced. I am inspired by people who have no shyness and at the same time show no vulgarity. I think any part of the body can either be shown beautifully, or make you wanna scroll past the photo and never see it again."

Everyone is beautiful to me. Being naked means being vulnerable, defenseless. I try to capture beautiful lines, catch the light under them, get fascinated and fall in love

Ellie Noire, photographer and videographer
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Pay attention to the body parts you like. You can emphasize them with underwear or accessories. 
Liza Klubnika, blogger, plus-size model
Your flaws are only apparent to you. Don't like your bulky sides? Someone else will be delighted to look at them.
Sasha, photographer

Nude poses

So, what about the poses for nudes? Photographer Sasha, (@depuiscematin), believes that the best light for a photoshoot is natural lighting from the window. Here are his universal tips on how to please yourself in the frame and give your nudes a work of art status.

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Photo: Instagram / @depuiscematin

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Photo: Instagram / @depuiscematin

  • Capture yourself in full-length first, then your body parts separately. Consider what you like the most: your butt? Chest? Genitalia? Take pictures from different angles: standing, lying down, sitting.
  • Don't be afraid to overdo it. Vulgarity is merely a subjective definition. Even porn can be art — just take a look at Noel Alejandro's gay erotica.
  • So, how about dick pics? A dick pic can be shot beautifully, too. Actor and model Sam Morris, for instance, proves this all the time.
  • Keep your nudes natural. Our problem is that we see a lot of the same nudes - thanks to social media. Often this is a cliche — one picture is a carbon copy of another. It's the same with poses - but there’s no Kama Sutra for erotic angles. You don't need to put your leg to the front to make it seem longer: everyone already does that. Your leg will stay the same, but the try-hard face from all the effort is likely to be noticeable. Be yourself!
  • Grab a tripod if you’re not ready to work with a photographer yet but want to take artsy photos yourself. The angle will more accurately resemble reality, it gives you more freedom, and the picture will turn out spectacular. You can shoot with a digital camera: most of the new models can sync with your smartphone, so building a frame remotely is a no-brainer. If you use a film camera for your nudes, then, of course, luck is important, but the results may exceed expectations and pleasantly surprise you.
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Photo: Instagram / @liza.klubnika

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Photo: Instagram / @liza.klubnika

Nudes are your ticket to the world of exploration and fantasies, and not just an emphasis on the most intimate. Hence the very careful approach to creating naked content. Blogger and plus-size model Liza Klubnika believes that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with poses, try out new angles, and really look at yourself. Here are her recommendations for girls who want to take amazing nudes.

  • Alternative: shoot a video of yourself to send to someone special (or just keep it in your personal archive). Set the camera static and start dancing, touching yourself where the body tells you to, and relax. Then scroll through the video and take screenshots of the moments you like. This will make a lively and natural snapshot. You can also create a nice frame in the process using the volume control of wireless headphones.
  • Play with light and shadows when standing naked. Look at yourself in the natural light by the window, in the dim light, or even in semi-darkness with candlelight, which gives a soft and mysterious effect.
  • Accentuate with your hands to draw special attention to a specific part of the body or build a composition. You can pat yourself on the thigh or stomach, or hug yourself.
  • Use clothes — they will hide the places you don’t feel like showing. A robe or a sheet will cover a part of the body that you don't want anyone to see, or add a little mystery and warm up one’s imagination. Tights will help with tightening your silhouette.
  • For the spiciest nudes, introduce sex toys. This will show your enthusiasm to experiment.
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Photo: Instagram / @thevicstyles

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Photo: Instagram / @thevicstyles

There are no universal poses: there is a relaxed body. It's like sex: if you want to reach an orgasm, make sure you’re fully comfortable.

Ellie Noire, photographer and videographer
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Фото: Instagram / @mati_l_d_a

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Фото: Instagram / @mati_l_d_a

Sexual poses are always tense — that is totally normal.

Irina Abdyeva, photographer

To emphasize the advantages, photographer Irina Abdyeva advises choosing underwear and poses for your body type: fashionable angles and accessories are not universal. But there are still general techniques.

  • Pull up your panties on the sides. It will turn out to be a "heart-shaped ass" and an inviting corner will appear, going into a bikini. This trick will hide the belly a little and emphasize the waist.
  • It's better not to look at the camera if you want the frame to feel alive and not staged.
  • No symmetry. If one leg is straight, the other is bent. When you are photographed sitting with your legs spread on the floor, asymmetry can be achieved in the shoulders. Avoid the position of the elbows "looking" into the frame.
  • Sexual poses are always tense — this is normal. Show the muscles: stand on your toes and strain hard. The tense muscles will give you an attractive definition. I like it when one leg is bent at the knee and stands on a chair while the other remains on the floor. 
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  • Air in every pose! Don't press your hands on your body. This will ruin the geometry and make you look shapeless.
  • A sexy photo can be leveled up with the right gaze. I often ask girls to look into the frame unkindly, arrogantly. It shows a little aggressive sexual energy. 
  • "Take your shoulders off your ears" is the most frequent phrase on the set. The girls lift their shoulders, and the neck disappears. Pull it, and lower your shoulders.
  • Take pictures on the inhale. Breathing through the mouth can add some appeal.
  • Stretch your legs. You can't stand crooked and hunched on your toes — the body straightens automatically.
  • Lying down is possible, but be careful. Use the most stretched poses, keeping the angle right.

Nude ideas for the bathroom

Taking nudes in the bathroom is great! Especially if yours has good lighting. To start with, a couple of common recommendations that everyone forgets about. Clean the mirror and the surfaces that will be the frame, and organize if you need to: we know people who, instead of admiring your breasts, will pull out a calculator and count your makeup budget.

  • Use water as a storytelling element. Lean against the glass partition with your favorite body parts. Take a picture of yourself with water pouring over your body, direct the shower jet into your mouth and take a close-up. NSFW pool party!
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Photo: Instagram / @depuiscematin

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Photo: Instagram / @mati_l_d_a

  • Use household appliances. A naked man on a washing machine brings out a lot of hot questions. Was the underwear removed after sex or before? Is the typewriter vibrating now?
  • Put on rubber gloves. You will be surprised, but those may be a turn on. Cleanliness and order are very sexy, even if you’re not Monica Geller.
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Photo: Instagram / @depuiscematin

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Photo: Instagram / @depuiscematin

  • Wrap yourself in a towel. Tie it on your hips or cover your chest and stomach. This is going to be exciting: one awkward movement — and you are left with nothing on.
  • Put on a show of wet T-shirts. The wet cloth stuck to the body and emphasizing your curves is very appetizing.

Selfie nude poses

The easiest nudes to take are the ones you take on your front camera. Take mirror pictures - just like Liza Klubnika. This gives you control and helps adjust the angle to present the most beautiful parts of the body in an even more favorable light. Turn around, look at yourself from the front, from the back, from the side. 

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  • Use other reflective surfaces: glossy refrigerator, TV screen, glass. The photo will be of a worse quality, but exquisite.
  • Shoot with your front camera. This makes it easier to adjust poses and you can work on facial expressions in the process.

New models of digital cameras can sync with smartphones, so you can build a desired frame remotely.

How to tune in 

Liza never takes pictures when she’s in a bad mood or tired. Before the photoshoot, she advises taking a bath, putting on suitable music or having some wine.

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The same technique works when shooting with a professional. Here's what photographer Ellie Noire says: "A woman suffering from an ED recently contacted me. She wanted to do a project about her disorder. She wanted to shoot naked, to see herself for real - without Photoshop. The shoot took place at her place - in the bathroom and the bedroom. We just chatted, I asked her questions and shared my secrets. There was music playing — I always turn it on in the process. In the end, everything turned out so perfectly, she felt amazing. She said she started to look at herself differently."


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